2017 MTV VMAs: Katy Perry, Paris Jackson try to provide hope in opening

Ed SheeranWe anticipated that there would be some surprises that came out of the 2017 MTV VMAs, but one of the biggest ones came in the opening minutes. Ed Sheeran came out to perform his hit song “Shape Of You,” and was joined near the end by one of the most surprising guest collaborators out there: Hip-hop artist Lil Uzi Vert, who has only recently burst onto the mainstream scene.

Before that, we had something that felt exciting, but also a little more expected for a music awards show: A performance from Kendrick Lamar to start of the show. As always, he delivered on everything that he set out to do on the stage.

We’re not a music critic, so we don’t want to get into too much of a discussion on these subjects. Instead, let’s talk about what both Paris Jackson and Katy Perry tried to do during their time on the stage in the opening minutes.

With Perry, she opened the show with a bit about her coming back to Earth as an astronaut, reasonably unaware of everything that transpired during her time away. Basically, this was a playful reminder of everything crazy that has happened as of late, and the wide array of work that does still need to be done. Some of her comments were later echoed by Jackson, who mocked President Trump while also saying that the events of Charlottesville and other places should serve as a reminder that if so much of the country stands up unifies against things such as neo-Nazis and white supremacy, the world can be a better place. (Jackson also presented the first award of the night — Best Pop Video — to Fifth Harmony, who drew some humorous headlines earlier in the night when their former band member Camila Cabello was brought up in an interview.)

There is a funny connection between Paris and Trump — Paris’ aunt La Toya Jackson was a two-time contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice, and while on that show Trump would boast about having a relationship with the late King of Pop Michael Jackson.

As important as these discussion points are, we do think that there was a missed opportunity for everyone on the show in the early going to address the recent disaster in Houston. Regardless of what happens after that segment, this is something that should have been brought up given its enormous significance at the moment. Also, there are probably thousands of people who would be watching the awards show were it not for this flooding taking place down there serving as a distraction.

What did you think about the VMAs opening for this year? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the subject now in the comments!

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