Is Teen Wolf new tonight on MTV? Season 6 spoilers & more

Teen Wolf new tonightIs Teen Wolf new tonight on MTV? After getting two hours of the series last week, everyone has a thirst for more story.

Alas, having this thirst is not going to bring more story to you right away. There is no new episode airing on MTV tonight, with the largest reason for that being the simple fact that the VMAs are coming on the air tonight instead. This is one of the reasons why you got those two episodes back to back last week; clearly, someone at the network did not want to make you feel as though you were missing out in getting a preemption this time around.

New episodes for Teen Wolf are going to resume airing in just one week’s time on September 3, and with an episode that will hopefully offer up some big movement in the show’s main storylines. One of the things that is known for certain about next week’s “Triggers” is that at the center of it will be Liam and Theo teaming up in order to try to get some of the Hunters away from Beacon Hills. There is an awareness between the two of them that, even though they may not have all that much in common, they do share the same goal: Survival. The more that the odds are stacked against some people, the more that they may try to work together using whatever means necessarily. There is nothing that has a tendency to unite people quite like dealing with a common threat.

Just in case this news is not enough for you, we suggest that you also take a look at the sneak peek below! This is going to give you more of a sense as to just what the plan for Liam and Theo is going to be while they’re out creating their diversion-of-sorts. The funny thing about it is that just because the two of them are working together does not mean in the slightest that they are on the same page. You get some perfect evidence of that courtesy of what happens when Theo decides to throw a punch at Liam and cause a scene. He’s doing the thing were you intentionally create a fake fight in order to convince people that there is a problem … even if the realist is there is none and everyone is actually doing okay.

There are still four more episodes beyond “Triggers,” and in these we’ll likely see the final plot to stop the hunters — plus also return appearances from the likes of Colton Haynes and Charlie Carver! We recently reported that these two are going to be coming back, and more than that, the characters of Jackson and Ethan are now going to be romantically intertwined.

Want some other news on the Teen Wolf series finale?

If you missed it, we did recently confirm (over at the link here) news on a couple of former cast members who are returning for the big episode. (Photo: MTV.)

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