Hawaii Five-0 season 8 spoilers: Halloween episode scoop!

Hawaii Five-0Everyone loves a good Halloween episode, and we know that Hawaii Five-0 has some of the best out there (our favorite was when Adam and Kono were living out a real life horror movie!). With this in mind, you want to think that they are going to be creating another spooky episode for the upcoming season of the show.

Even in the midst of all of the change and flux heading into this new season, it does appear as though the Halloween episode trend is very much going to continue on! Speaking via CBS.com in a new interview, show executive producer Peter M. Lenkov confirmed that this year’s Halloween installment is going to be more traditional than in years past:

“We were excited to base this season’s Halloween episode off of Hawaiian mythology and folklore. I think our audience is going to enjoy seeing our team learn about different Hawaiian myths and how that knowledge will help them solve a series of crimes.”

Given that incorporating Hawaiian culture has always been a key point of interest for the series, we cannot say that we are that surprised that they found a way to do that once again this year. Adding this to Halloween is a nice touch just because it gives the show a chance to inject a little more in the way of creativity while keeping that family feeling. It’s going to offer up some entertainment, but hopefully a greater sense of cultural understanding at the same time. The best episodes of Hawaii Five-0 are the ones that fulfill many different goals. You often do want a great case of the week, but to go along with that it also makes sense to have some strong character development and a few emotional moments. Oh, and of course plenty of humor. We don’t foresee this going away at any point in the near future.

Jerry news

Just in case you are wondering, Lenkov also told the publication that you can expect to see Jorge Garcia’s character play a more active role in the field by the end of this coming season. If you remember, last season Jerry finally got himself a badge, allowing him to move on beyond just the show’s resident conspiracy theorist. There are a number of interesting things that the writers could do with him; more than anything else, getting him on board affords the entire team an opportunity to have someone who is a beacon of creativity and will give them a chance to see cases from an entirely different point of view. Maybe sometimes you can argue that Jerry is too far outside the box, but it’s better to have that than someone who just checks off the most-common solutions to problems every single time.

Want some additional Hawaii Five-0 news?

Of course, you can check that out by heading over to the link here! Remember that new episodes are going to be airing starting in September, and you’ll be seeing one newcomer in Meaghan Rath (Tani) right away. As for the other in Beulah Koale’s Junior Reigns, you will be waiting a while longer. (Photo: CBS)

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