Victoria season 2 episode 2 spoilers: A Call the Midwife connection

Victoria season 2 episode 2There are many reasons to be excited about Victoria season 2 episode 2 airing on ITV next week, but one will be via the guest cast! Call the Midwife star Emerald Fennell (who you know for her role as Patsy Mount) will be appearing on the Jenna Coleman series in a role that is certainly famous: Ada Lovelace. Historians often refer to her as one of the first “programmers,” someone who through her work with the analytical engine understood more than most the algorithms and the key variables that would be at play in computing more than a century later.

We could go into this more, but we don’t exactly feel like the purpose of Victoria is to show us the story of Ada Lovelace. Instead, on the next new episode airing on September 3 you will see more of what happens with Lovelace in relation to Albert. There is going to be news on another pregnancy, trouble from within the Queen’s staff, and also fears over her legacy. This is a show with a tendency to pack in a heavy dose of content, and you better believe that this is going to be continued in this installment, as well.

Victoria season 2 episode 2 synopsis – “Victoria resumes her royal duties, but becomes disconcerted when Albert appears to be drawn to mathematician Ada Lovelace, as the series continues. The monarch is thrown into even greater turmoil when she discovers that she is pregnant again. She fears her destiny is to be relegated to the nursery. Below stairs, the mood is equally unsettled. The servants begin to notice items mysteriously disappearing. The timid new dresser Cleary fears that the palace is haunted, but it is down to Brodie to discover the real culprit.”

This episode should serve as an additional foundation for one of the key themes of season 2: Leadership through motherhood. Victoria is at a key point in her life, one where she has to establish what so many different roles ultimately do mean to her. She also, rather unfortunately, has to continue to prove herself through others who rule via judgment. Few rulers have felt quite the strain that she does.

For those of you who love Fennell’s work, embrace this opportunity to see her — there are no plans for her to return to Call the Midwife for season 7.

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