Lucifer season 3 spoilers: The first Tom Welling photo + greater analysis

Tom Welling photoThe first Tom Welling photo is now online for Lucifer season 3 (see the bottom of this article), and we’ve got more of an indication that he’ll bring trouble for our title character.

Granted, this is not the same sort of “trouble” that you tend to see for characters who are adversarial to the man or woman that are at the top of the call sheet. There’s nothing on the surface for Welling’s Lt. Marcus Pierce that suggests that he is a bad guy at all. He’s someone who really is out for justice and doing the job as a police officer the right way. He may not tolerate antics or allow for much debate as to the right way to get the job done, but there are many situations in which you want this from your police officer.

What makes things so different here is that we’re talking about Pierce in relation to Lucifer Morningstar, a man who makes a name constantly for himself causing problems with some of his said hijinks. He’s not going to appreciate having someone around who is actually a good influence on the Los Angeles Police Department, let alone someone who is also going to be getting closer to Chloe Decker. Early indications suggest that Pierce will be a love interest for Lauren German’s character, and more than likely Lucifer will not be thrilled by this.

Speaking via Entertainment Weekly (who also provided the aforementioned first photo), show executive producer Joe Henderson discusses the Pierce character further:

“When Decker first meets Marcus Pierce, he is very much someone that rubs her the wrong way, because he’s very much a no-nonsense, calling-it-like-it-is guy, and he’s not much for social mores, if you will … But what’s interesting is he also represents a lot of truth and justice and very much a lot of the things that draw Chloe to the side of law. So Pierce is very much the exact opposite of Lucifer, but also very similar, and so that duality is a big reason for them to start coming together.”

It’s going to be fun to have a character like Pierce around just because he will challenge so much of what Lucifer and Chloe each believe. He will probably make the two better at solving various crimes, and he may also put Lucifer more in a position where he actually has to question more of his own feelings. Yesterday, we shared one of the first promos from the new season, and it’s one where Lucifer was seemingly about to tell the truth about … well, everything, to Chloe. If Pierce manages to be the spark plug, both he and the show could be better for him being there. We are now at the point where seeing these two with a different relationship is a priority; after all, through the entire run of the series to date we’ve had a chance to see their current configuration. It’s important to stir the pot.

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Tom Welling photo

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