Gotham season 4 promo includes Bruce’s mask, Scarecrow, Ivy

Gotham season 4 promoFox has unleashed a new Gotham season 4 promo, and you have to credit them for really cramming a ton of footage in! Even though this lasts about 23 or 24 seconds, you get glimpses in here of a number of important things.

1. Batman? – Well, not exactly, but you do see Bruce Wayne sporting a cowl. In this mythology you have a teenage version of the character off fighting crime using some of the skills that he’s learned from Alfred; yet, you do also need to remember that Ra’s al Ghul is still in the picture and is going to have a role to play in his “education” / evolution at the same time.

2. Scarecrow – While there isn’t a lot of the character in here, you get a good remember of some of the terrifying stuff that this guy is capable of. He’s a master of mental manipulation and fear, and he will be creating that in a way that the season has not felt before.

3. Other villains – You do get some good glimpse of Ivy in here working on something … but what will that something be? She’s going to evolve more into Poison Ivy, but given that she literally became an adult overnight, she probably does still have a good bit to learn about the world. Meanwhile, this video also gives you one of your more substantial glimpses of Catwoman, who is obviously going to become more of a major player both in terms of being a mover-and-shaker in the city and also an occasional adversary to Bruce. The two parties know each other well, but have a very different manner of doing things.

Gotham season 4 will premiere in full on Fox Thursday nights, and we would anticipate having more news on this subject to share later in the summer. This is probably one of the most important seasons of the show to date, mostly because as we get closer to Bruce being Batman, these characters will turn start to feel more familiar to who they were in the comics/Batman in other forms.

The two things that do have us curious still are the show’s presentation of Solomon Grundy/Butch Gilzean 2.0 and then also Barbara Kean, who was electrocuted in the season finale. While she is seemingly still a part of the show, the exact circumstances of her role are not entirely clear. Hey, doesn’t this make the nature of her big reveal, whenever it does happen, all the more interesting and exciting? That’s clearly the plan of whoever is still keeping things under heavy lock and key.

What do you think about the Gotham season 4 promo, and what do you think the show is going to be able to bring to the table the rest of the way? Share in the comments!

Meanwhile, be sure to visit this link in the event that you do want to secure some additional news and insight when it comes to the series. (Photo: Fox.)

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