Blindspot season 3 will maintain a steady sense of humor

Blindspot season 3There are some shows where the words “lighter tone” send a chill down the backs of viewers. Luckily, we don’t feel that way with BlindspotGiven that this is a show about clues being buried in various tattoos, we do think that there is some room here and there to have some fun. Many of our favorite shows of all time are ones that balance out a few different things: A case-of-the-week story, some larger arcs, occasional drama, and reasons to laugh here and there. Blindspot does contain many of these elements, and for that reason, we’re glad to see the show having a little bit more fun with season 3. It’s airing on Friday night, which really gives the show another incentive to let loose a little bit more. This is the time of the week when everyone wants to relax a little bit more.

Speaking to TV Guide, show creator Martin Gero teased that the series is going to get “a lot lighter and funnier” in the third season following the first two. He also teed up one of the big cliffhangers in the glowing tattoos, which is certainly one of the stranger occurrences that we’ve seen so far in the series:

“All will be explained in about the first five minutes of the season premiere … But those glowing tattoos are a whole new layer that kick off a whole new adventure!” 

We’re certainly stoked for a new mystery at the heart of the show, and we like the structure of what the show is doing here — rather than just keeping the same mystery hanging over your head for four or five years, the creative team instead is giving you new mysteries, one right after the other, that build on each other. It makes the show a little more rich and keeps some of the big reveals from feeling stale and ultimately uninteresting.

Beyond of course the glowing-tattoo mystery, there are a couple of other interesting avenues for the show to explore. For one, you do have the massive time jump, which put Jane, Weller, and many other characters in a very different place. With that, you also do have to wonder whether or not all of these people are going to be on the same side now. A lot can change in a couple of years, and certainly there are many different things that could have happened as a result of everything that some of these characters went through.

Are you interested in Blindspot with some added humor?

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