Agents of SHIELD season 5: Where’s the story going for FitzSimmons? (Couples Forecast)

FitzsimmonsMrs. Carter: Is there still a future for FitzSimmons on Agents of SHIELD season 5?

Let’s start things off by reminding you of the happier moments — there were many in season 4, when Fitz and Simmons were probably happier than almost any romantic couple within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They are both extremely skilled at their jobs, but also understand one another very well and their needs outside of work. They had a friendship before a relationship, and we loved how the writers chose to depict the two of them together. While you could tell that it was a caring, passionate romance, it also wasn’t over-the-top or took away from anything else on the show. There was restraint, and that is something other superhero shows can learn a thing or two about.

Unfortunately, going into season 5 (premiering later this fall on ABC) there are some very-clear problems. The biggest one is an almost-immovable object in what happened with Aida both in the Framework and in the final two episodes of the season. Through almost all of it, Fitz was not himself — and when he was, he was separated from the remainder of the team and frightened. You can argue that there is a little bit of that Framework “Evil Fitz” somewhere within him, but you can make that same argument for almost any person in a specific circumstance. We don’t think Simmons would consciously hold something like this against Fitz, but unconsciously you never quite know.

The biggest thing that these two need in season 5 now is time to recover from everything that happened — but we’re not sure how much of that they will have given the nature of the cliffhanger. Are Coulson and the rest of SHIELD out somewhere in space? It’s a little hard to say that for certain, but it looks that way for at least Clark Gregg’s character. If Fitz and Simmons find themselves out there somewhere, who knows if they are even close together? What these two really need is a vacation and a chance to spend some time on a beach or in a log cabin somewhere getting to know and trust each other … and they’re probably not getting that. We do think that they will be together and strong in the end, but it’s going to require some patience.

Oh, and have we said that we’d really love to see a wedding between these two? Well, we would, mostly because we feel like Agents of SHIELD would do something totally cool and interesting with it rather than going down the hokey same-old TV wedding route. It could be romantic, but also creative or even in the thick of the action. The same goes for an engagement, and that may need to be something that the two parties figure out first.

Do you want to see a FitzSimmons engagement at some point over the course of Agents of SHIELD season 5? Let us know in the attached comments!

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