Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Veto preparation (day 67, afternoon)

Veto preparationThe Power of Veto Competition is currently going on at the moment in the Big Brother 19 house, and the main push of this article is simple: Looking at if it even matters who wins it.

At one point, the main focus of competition was preparing to put Kevin on the block as a replacement nominee. This is the story that Matt and Raven are being told as a means to keep them comfortable while on the block — we don’t know why they actually think that Kevin was such a competition threat that he would need to be backdoored in the first place, but they don’t seem to be sweating it all that much.

Well, earlier today Paul (who really tells everyone what to do at this point in the game) made it clear that they shouldn’t even bother all that much with trying to win the Veto, and let Kevin have it in the event that he can win it. He’s not so intent anyone on putting Kevin up just for the sake of “scaring” him — he may not have all of the control since he’s not HoH, but if he can influence who fights hard in the Veto, that is something.

The situation that we’d be the most interested in seeing as a viewer of the feeds is what happens in the event that Matt actually wins the Veto and then Raven and Kevin are up on the block together. Who actually goes home in that case? It could easily be Kevin just because Raven is such a useless player — but for now, we do think that splitting up the showmance is probably more important than most other priorities.

Speaking of Raven…

Jason had an interesting theory earlier that helped him to land in the pace that most of America doesn’t like her. She didn’t win a Temptation, she got a really mean zing from the Zingbot calling her a “clown,” and she then also didn’t get asked a question by Julie Chen. While none of these are necessarily a barometer of anything individually, some of them are super-interesting if you are to put them together.

Dare we say that Jason is one of the most simultaneously aware and careless people out there? He at least has more sense than most of them.

Be sure to come back later today, as we’ll be announcing the winner of this Big Brother competition over at the link here sooner rather than later. (Photo: CBS.)

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