Victoria season 2 premiere video: First look at Diana Rigg!

Diana RiggThere are many things to be excited about when it comes to the Victoria season 2 premiere. The presence of Diana Rigg is at the top of the list!

Fresh off of another appearance on Game of Thrones, the legendary Rigg is set to kick off an arc on the ITV series on Sunday in the role of the Duchess of Bucchleuch, a woman who is going to take on a very important role at the palace: Mistress of the Robes. She is known for being outspoken, and for doing what she can in order to make her presence felt and placing herself within the right situations at precisely the right times. There is quite a bit of evidence out there that her appearance on the show will be a fun one.

The sneak peek below is one of the most substantial looks at that we have at the moment of the new season, and it features at the center of it Rigg’s character making her grand introduction — and being somewhat comical about it in the process. There is something about this preview that we find enormously entertaining, and a great deal of that may stem from who we knew her as on Game of Thrones as Olenna Tyrell. While that character did have her fair share of comical moments, she was also known for being rather shrewd and calculated. Here, her Duchess is rather over-the-top and a little bit flamboyant, making big deals out of every little curtsy. This is still a humorous role, and one we are rather pleased to be seeing Rigg take on. It’s clear that she is very much still in demand after so many years in the industry, and that excites us.

As for the remainder of Victoria season 2, a good bit of it will focus on the title character (played by Jenna Coleman) as she does her best to understand motherhood and trying to raise children while also being a Monarch and commanding respect. There are still going to be those who oppose both her rule and her manner of doing things, and regrettably, this is something that she will continue to have to take on the remainder of the story that is to come.

For the time being, what do you think about this sneak peek, and what are your expectations for Victoria and Rigg’s character as a whole? Be sure to share in the comments!

Meanwhile, you can head over to the link here in the event that you do want to get some additional news right now when it comes to the series and the story of the premiere. (Photo: ITV.)

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