Lucifer season 3 promo: Will Lucifer finally tell Chloe?

Lucifer season 3 promoThe latest Lucifer season 3 promo has been unveiled by Fox, and at the center of it happens to be a big question for the title character and Chloe: Will he finally tell her the truth? He’s done a good job of charming her and winning her over, but one thing he hasn’t done is be entirely upfront about who and some of these people who are around in in his life truly are.

Why not go through with this? The biggest word that we can use to describe that at the moment is “insecurity,” given that Lucifer does care about Chloe on a great level, perhaps far more even that he originally thought that he would in the series. You have to remember that this is clearly someone who never thought he would have all of the feelings that he did or be as connected to some of these characters as he is; he has something more to lose now by coming clean.

Yet, herein lies the other problem: The longer he keeps the secret, the more devastating that it could end up being when this secret actually comes out. He can live in his own little pretend fantasy for a little while longer to where the secret never actually comes out, but that’s dangerous given that he is setting up himself for some sort of dramatic fall. Or, he can actually admit instead to what is going on take the lumps now. Maybe it’ll cause some problems for him, but we do think that he should be able to make it through this and be okay. Lucifer has certainly made it through so much more in his life than a bump in the road caused by him being honest for a change.

This preview makes it seem like an admission could be coming soon, but we’re a little more hesitant about that just because for this character, admissions have been very much hard to come by. We want to be as cagey as possible in discussion certainties with this show, especially given that it’s a long season. Do we think that it will happen at some point in the next year? Probably, if for no other reason than that it’s going to offer up so many more storytelling opportunities that there is so much more merit to getting all of the cards out there on the table.

What do you think about the new Lucifer season 3 promo, and do you have some expectations for the remainder of the season? Share in the comments!

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