Corinne Olympios plotting reality TV return after Bachelor in Paradise

Corinne OlympiosFor anyone wondering whether or not Corinne Olympios will be done with reality TV after Bachelor in Paradisewe’ve now got a clear answer. It’s also probably an answer that many of you saw coming given that she had such a great appreciation for reality TV in the first place.

Speaking (per The Hollywood Reporter) in one of her first interviews coming from her own mouth since the incident with DeMario Jackson unfolded in Mexico, the former Bachelor star made it clear that she is doing several different TV-related projects at the moment:

“I do have a [reality] show in the works, and I’m also working on a scripted show with one of my favorite producers.”

Will either of these end up getting on the air? There is a reason for some debate there, given that the vast majority of reality TV or scripted projects don’t end up making it on TV. Corinne may have been a big personality for ABC, but there is no guarantee that anyone would watch her anywhere else. This is something that many reality stars often do not anticipate when they see so many people talking about them at the time in which they’re on the show. We don’t blame Corinne for going after more TV time, given that it was clear even before her first season of the show started airing that she was looking for a career in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, Corinne also didn’t have anything negative to say about the Bachelor family following he departure from Paradise and the investigation that followed:

“I’ve had many different experiences with The Bachelor, all positive. There was a setback, but everything just comes from me and how I’m feeling, and I always try to come out being the best that I can be — the best Corinne that I can be. I really just follow my heart and not let anything else get in the way.”

The crazy thing here is that even with this season ending the way that it did for Corinne, there are still universes in which we can see her coming back to Paradise for another stint down the road. ABC obviously would understand that bringing her back is a way to generate a lot of ratings buzz, and she would realize the same thing — provided that she’s not doing any other show at the time.

These comments from Corinne come days before her first TV interview with Chris Harrison is set to air on Tuesday’s Bachelor in Paradise episode. She considers Harrison a friend, and with that she is glad that this is the first person that she is speaking to following her experience that she went through on the show.

Do you think that a Corinne Olympios reality show would generate good ratings, and do you think she’ll be back on Bachelor in Paradise someday? Share in the comments!

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