Outlander season 3 will have UK premiere event

UK premiere eventFor everyone out there wondering if there would be a UK premiere event for Outlander season 3 much like there is in New York and Los Angeles, great news! You’re going to have a chance to check out the show early, provided of course that you are in the right place at the right time.

The fine folks over at the Radio Times are going to be offering up two screenings next week leading up to the show’s September 11 premiere on Amazon Prime Video (it airs here in America on Starz September 10). There are events in both London and Glasgow happening at 6:00 p.m. local time on Thursday, September 7. If you’re interested in attending, the link here gives you a little bit more information regarding how to do that.

This biggest reason that this pleases us is that we said previously that one of the things that we wanted the most was for people in Scotland to get a chance to see the show early. After all, Scottish history is such an integral part of this series that it would have felt wrong if Scottish fans were deprived of an opportunity. This allows for that, and there may be some Q&A opportunities based on what the publication says with select cast members.

We’re also just happy in general to see Outlander having more of a high profile in the UK these days. We know that it’s been frustrating not having an actual TV home for new episodes, but Amazon’s streaming service is gaining in popularity. Also, older episodes of the show are now playing on More4, so there are some opportunities for TV-only viewers to catch up and be converted to Amazon viewers down the line.

Now, if there is only a way for some Canadians to get a little bit of love! As a dual citizen we feel for all of our neighbors to the north there. (Outlander is premiering this year on W Network after airing for the first two seasons on Showcase.)

Time for shameless self-promotion

For those of you who are attending the L.A. event on September 5, we will be there — at least for part of the event. Be on the lookout in the coming days for a little more news on that — we’re going to try to find a spot in The Grove for some casual discussion, if nothing else.

As we’ve said a few times over at this point, we do get the frustration of those who feel like they’re missing out on not getting a chance to see the premiere early; nonetheless, we do think that it’s smart since the premiere was already screened at Comic-Con. We just wish that Starz would release the first episode slightly early as a way to thank everyone out there for waiting so long through what has been the longest Droughtlander since the start of the series.

Want to get some other news regarding Outlander and the new season?

Then be sure to head over here! After all, we did recently share some of our personal analysis of the new photos that were released by Starz. (Photo: Starz.)

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