Zoo season 3 episode 10 spoilers: The hybrids are hatching

Zoo season 3 episode 10On Zoo season 3 episode 10, you better be prepared for an acceleration of things. Also, you better be prepared to be freaked out.

Given that this is a show that’s already covered wild animal attacks, false identities, miracle pregnancies, and a car being thrown into an active volcano, it does make sense that we now also get a little bit of alien imagery mixed in here plus something that feels a little bit like Gremlins with all of the little spawn that came out. We saw at the end of 3×09 the discovery of an enormous hybrid nest, one that just so happens to contain every single species out there. This appears to be a part of Abigail’s plan to use them to take over the world, and it does make a lot more sense now that we know more about her own lineage. She is a hybrid herself, so of course she does want to go out of her way in order to create more.

At the moment, Abigail almost seems like the least of the team’s concern given the fact that there are larger problems out there for the team. Also, there’s the nature of Clementine’s pregnancy since she suddenly looks as though she’s ready to give birth after the transfusion. What in the world is going on there? We’re getting near the end of the season and quite possibly the series, and as a result of that we’re starting to see things spiral a little bit more out of control for some of the different characters. We’ve always known this as a show where virtually anything can happen at any given time, and the story that we’re seeing at the moment with some of these characters is doing its best in order to prove it.

Is it possible that we see someone die over these final episodes? Sure, just as it’s also possible that we end up seeing a twist that we don’t see coming at all. For now, the one thing that is at the top of our personal priority list is that we get a chance to see Mitch be Mitch again. We know that he’s not meant to be all that likable as Mr. Duncan, but still. The last thing that we know is that Jamie does seem to have a plan for his alter ego, at least for the time being.

For the record, there was no official synopsis for this episode as of this writing — which why it is not included. The title for this episode is “Once Upon a Time in the Nest,” which certainly is one of the stranger episode names we’ve seen.

What do you want to see on Zoo season 3 episode 10?

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