TV Quick Hits: BoJack Horseman trailer; The Good Place – Once Upon a Time spoilers

BoJack Horseman trailer

There are a few different stories to break down in today’s edition of TV Quick Hits, but let’s begin with the new BoJack Horseman trailer.

If there is one word we’d say for it, it’s this: Fantastic. This is probably the best trailer that the show’s come up with, largely because it’s funny, informative, poignant, and it sets everything around one central conceit: BoJack is missing. At the end of season 3 he ran off in order to run seemingly with some wild horses, disillusioned with his life and losing almost everything he held dear after both an Oscar failure and a massive bender. Diane is trying to find him, but over time his calls go unanswered. It looks as though he’s found a little cabin for himself judging from the closing seconds of the episode. Does that mean he’s found happiness?

Elsewhere, Diane is working on a blog, Mr. Peanutbutter is running for Governor (of course he is), and apparently we’re going to be meeting BoJack’s … daughter? Well, it’s someone who bears a striking resemblance, if nothing else.

You can see new episodes streaming on Netflix starting on Friday, September 8. We’re going to have some additional news about that and more before too much longer.

As for some other news from the day…

The Good Place season 2 news

When The Good Place picks back up on NBC, Eleanor’s got herself a challenge: She knows now that she’s actually in hell rather than Heaven, and other than a brief note to find Chidi, she doesn’t know a whole lot about what happened to her back in the first season. None of the main characters other than Bad Place architect Michael are aware of what really happened.

So what’s the plan for Michael moving forward into season 2? This is something that executive producer Mike Schur touches on more when he has the following to pass along to Entertainment Weekly:

“He has an individual torture vector for each of the four involving different soul mates and new scenarios … The idea is to keep them apart for as long as possible, but Eleanor’s note to herself, which says ‘Find Chidi,’ ends up making that impossible.”

Basically, be prepared to some of the characters back together before the show gets too deep into the run. Given the established chemistry that is there, it’s clearly what makes the most sense at the end of the day.

The latest Once Upon a Time season 7 scoop

Want to know more in terms of what’s coming up in the casting department? Well, Kevin Ryan of Guilt and Copper recently confirmed in a post on Instagram that he will be doing some work on the show up in Vancouver. However, there aren’t many more details in terms of what sort of role he’s going to play.

Delighted to join the cast and do a wee stint on @onceuponatime #onceuponatime #abc #vancouver

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