Outlander season 3: First Caitriona Balfe ship photo; Sam Heughan – Cesar Domboy tease

Caitriona BalfeWhile there has been a significant amount of Outlander teasers out there of Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan together in Scotland, we hadn’t have a chance to see much of anything official when it comes to the voyage at sea. Sure, there were behind-the-scenes snaps of the actors earlier this spring when they were filming in South Africa, but nothing within the actual context of the series … until now.

Below, you can see one of the first images featuring Balfe’s Claire Fraser from and center, and this comes pretty clearly while the character is aboard the ship to the Caribbean. This is one of the storylines that is going to dominate the second half of the season following the big Jamie – Claire reunion at the Print Shop. This is one of many photos first shared in a new Entertainment Weekly cover story, and the lighting here is all sorts of fantastic. We also think there’s some savior connotation here given that the way Claire the rescuer is illuminated with the rays of the sun.

Obviously, there’s going to be a whole lot more said about the voyage at sea story, but probably not for a while since the show’s got enough capital built up on the Jamie – Claire reunion that there’s no need to rush into it.

Of course, Outlander season 3 itself premieres on Sunday, September 10.

Caitriona Balfe

Other photos of note

The first one below (also via EW) gives you one of the best perspectives that we’ve seen of Cesar Domboy’s character of Fergus, the adult version that will play a key role in the story. He and Jamie Fraser have a tight relationship, one that obviously stems from much of the time that they’ve spent together within the past and the trust that they’ve built up.

Domboy appeared in the 2015 film The Walk directed by Robert Zemeckis, but he may be a relative newcomer to many American viewers who are out there. He does have an extensive history of appearing in French TV and film and some of those credits may be worth checking out to some of you out there.

Cesar Domboy

The final photo is one that you may have seen before of Claire holding a young Brianna, but it’s one that we haven’t shared on the site before now. This images is by and large reflective of the happiness that she finds with her daughter in contract to much of the rest of her life following her return from the 18th century. She finds her solace in Bree, while still trying to mitigate her sorrow and understand that she’ll presumably never have the life that she once did back. (Of course, we know otherwise and she’ll learn in the future that Jamie is still alive.)

Caitriona Balfe

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