Yes, George R.R. Martin watches Game of Thrones, despite odd stories

George R.R. MartinWe’ve heard many a strange Game of Thrones story over the years, but this one about George R.R. Martin may very well be the strangest.

Over the past 24 hours or so a story has circulated across much of the entertainment world that despite being the author of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, Martin does not actually watch the HBO adaptation. Maybe you could argue that this is because he doesn’t want the show (which is ahead of the books at this point) to influence his writing; or, maybe he just likes his world better.

In the end, though, all of this is nonsense mostly because of the fact that the whole report isn’t true. Martin does watch the show, and it’s weird that most of the talk otherwise came about. While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the author explained that something may have been lost in translation while doing some international press — he noted being behind on the show due to his writing/traveling commitments, and that may be where some of the chatter is stemming from.

Ultimately, though, would it really matter even if Martin didn’t watch? Does that change anything that happens on the show at all? We don’t think so, and while Martin seems fond of the TV adaptation, the show is at the point now where it really doesn’t need his approval anyway. This is the #1 show in HBO history, the #1 cable show of the summer, and it’s drawing 18-49 ratings (not that it matters for a subscriber-supported network) better than anything else on TV. It’s a show that is already inspiring spin-off proposals and has fans all over the world. It’s also the most-pirated show in all of television — that may not be the most notable of distinctions (we wish people paid for it), but it does still demonstrate that Game of Thrones has an audience.

There’s one more episode of the series left on HBO this summer, and after that, at least Martin has a chance to catch up, right? Season 8 may not premiere until late 2018 or early 2019; there is no firm timetable there, but regardless of when it airs it feels pretty darn safe to assume that it’s going to continue to shatter records for HBO.

As for whether or not The Winds of Winter, Martin’s long-awaited book and sixth edition of his series, is out by then, that’s really anyone’s guess at this point.

Do you think that Martin watching or not watching Game of Thrones is a big deal? Be sure to share in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over to this link in the event you do want some additional news and insight on the show. (Photo: HBO.)

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