Suits season 7 episode 7 review: Alex’s secret; Mike’s new decision

Suits season 7 episode 7 reviewWednesday night’s episode of Suits was entitled “Full Disclosure,” and there was certainly a full-circle feeling to the story. Events in the present are often set in the past, and there were so many flashbacks that explained where the story is now.

Take, for example, the relationship between Harvey and Alex Williams. They’ve known each other for ages, and it just so turns out that Harvey previously tried to become a part of Bratton Gould as a partner back when the firm was Pearson Hardman and Harvey wasn’t even a partner there. While Harvey dared Jessica to give him more of a role and more respect, we saw in turn Alex negotiate a way for Harvey to join his team.

Meanwhile, we also saw with Donna that she was in a six-month relationship with a man who questioned whether or not her attachment to Harvey would end up ruining her life. Louis Litt had been ordered to visit Lipschitz by Jessica, but it just so turned out that he wasn’t ready to listen to anything that he had to say. Not only that, but he judged him because he was German — and ignoring the fact that he was also Jewish. Somehow, he still managed to get the Associates after realizing that Jessica needed to keep Harvey on board, and then realizing that his therapist was right.

Ultimately, this part of the story was all about Harvey learning how much Jessica was devoted to him, but also the rifts that were there with him and Alex. Harvey bailing on his friend at Bratton Gould was a huge betrayal, and as a result of it Harvey made one thing clear to him: He would owe him for something in the future. He’d protect him when few others would.

Now, the present

Here, we saw that Alex was completely controlled by his prison client to the point that Mike pushing for justice against them was causing significant problems. He went so far as to get Benjamin to hack into private servers to pinpoint exactly what they were doing. Basically, he put himself on the line in order to ensure that he got what he wanted … but he still didn’t. Anita Gibbs, who he had approached earlier in the episode, wasn’t into taking his case.

As the episode wrapped up, everything started to make sense when it came to why Harvey was railroading Mike at every turn with his prison case — Alex was controlled by his client, but in turn, Alex was in control of Harvey. Basically, this was Harvey collecting on his favor so many years ago.

In the closing seconds, the dilemma that Harvey faced was this: Does he keep his word to Alex, or fire Mike for getting involved in a case against his interests?

Alex then visited Mike to tell him the truth, and what we learned was that Alex was aware of what was going on at the prison for years and was roped into this in the time following the broken deal with Harvey. Not only that, but he was also set up when it comes to his silence about the murders that were going on. He’s afraid for his future, and understandable so — he knows that if Mike pursues it, it’s his butt on the line.


This was an interesting episode given that so much of it was actually set in the past, but we have a feeling a lot of this will matter even more in the future. Great stuff across the board tonight, and a fantastic performance from Dule Hill in the closing minutes as we started to see what really drove Alex Williams: Fear. Episode Grade: A-.

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