Criminal Minds season 13 spoilers: Jamie Kennedy will return

Jamie KennedyFor those of you who love Criminal Minds and remember some of the earlier seasons of the show, you will be glad to know that Jamie Kennedy is coming back for more! It’s been a long time since the Ghost Whisperer actor appeared on the show — to be a little more specific, it’s actually been a decade. His character of Floyd Feylinn is certainly not a great guy. As a matter of fact, he’s a cannibal! He’s not someone that anyone on the team will want to see again, but when he returns this will offer up an opportunity for fans to see a follow-up to the episode “Lucky” that aired many years ago.

In speaking on this subject via TV Guide, show executive producer Erica Messer had the following to say on the subject:

“We went back and looked at that episode and really studied exactly what was he charged with, do we want to say he stood trial or he was not mentally able to stand trial? We got to write the sequel to ‘Lucky’ in a lot of ways.”

What’s also notable about this story is that it allows the writers to dip into a very specific time in the life of Garcia, one where she was shot. With that in mind, there is an opportunity to explore a little bit more of her history and how she is feeling about it all years later. After all, being shot is not something you forget about easily.

Should Criminal Minds explore more classic cases?

We would say that there is some merit to it, even if it’s not something that the show does all that often. If they were to bring back characters a few times over a season, it would enable the writers more to play around with nostalgia, while also ensuring that they move the story forward and feature some great characters who are new and very-much dangerous to the BAU. For the record, it does feel strange to root for more terrible people to pop up and terrorize our team, but this is very much at the center of the fabric for Criminal Minds and it’s hard to imagine it existing without the weekly UnSubs. This is one of the many reasons that we are really excited to see Kennedy back on the show. His character is terrifying to say the least, but one thing that we’ve always liked about Kennedy is that he is a powerful performer when he has the right material, so we know we are in for a treat here.

New episodes of Criminal Minds kick off this fall on CBS. To date, the biggest long-term change is the addition of Daniel Henney following the departure of Damon Gupton, who played Stephen Walker for a significant portion of season 12, so while there will be some casting changes, it’s not going to be as jarring as losing Shemar Moore or Thomas Gibson.

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