Suits season 7 episode 8 spoilers: All about 100th episode

Suits season 7 episode 8Suits season 7 episode 8 airing on USA Network next week is far from an ordinary episode of the show; it’s also the 100th episode. This is a chance for the show to celebrate seven years of great drama, of Mike Ross moral dilemmas, of Louis Litt meltdowns, of Donna saving the world one crisis at a time, and of Harvey cursing in a way that makes him seem consistently awesome. Everything the show’s put on the air at this point is going to lead to this episode.

Here’s the big challenge with the 100th episode within the standard frame of this show — you’re talking about an installment that is a part of a serialized story, so it’s harder to do what many procedurals do in terms of giving you a story-of-the-week component that you can do something big and special with. You can’t just have a huge episode in the middle of a story with a billion guest stars and callbacks to earlier episodes. You have to find a way to make sense. With that in mind, we’re very much interested/curious in seeing how the writers could up with an interesting story here that works within the framework of what Suits is.

For now, the first stepping stone that we’ve got for you is the attached synopsis.

Suits season 7 episode 8 synopsis – “Harvey and Mike seek outside help to overcome an impossible situation. An unexpected encounter derails Louis’s search for a new associate. Donna receives a surprising proposition.”

What we hope to see through this episode is a chance for some laughter, extremely high stakes, and also maybe a few blink-and-you’ll-miss-them nods to the show’s early days. We do think that there will be a sense of nostalgia within this episode, but Aaron Korsh and the writers may be a tad more subtle with them than some other shows are with their own 100th episodes. There are still some important storylines that the show has to take on, and they cannot allow anything in the meta sense to distract from that.

As for the promo below…

This isn’t the most revealing in the world, but there are a couple of things that are noteworthy about it. For one, we’re going to be seeing Rachel get her hands dirty in a way that we haven’t quite seen in a while. Meanwhile, Louis is apparently in for a major shock depending on who is waiting for him in his office. Is it Tara, or someone else from his past? It’s not often that you see Louis thrown off in the way in which he appears to be here.

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