The Big Bang Theory season 11: The proposal answer may not be cut-and-dry

Big Bang Theory season 11When The Big Bang Theory season 11 premieres on CBS this fall, one of the biggest things that will happen right away is that we will have an opportunity to learn, one way or another, if Sheldon and Amy are going to get engaged. This was the cliffhanger at the end of season 10, and it was not all that easy to determine precisely which way the metaphorical needle was going to point.

Obviously, The Big Bang Theory is a show mostly rooted in optimism. With that in mind, it’s hard to necessarily envision a scenario in which Sheldon and Amy don’t have some sort of a future together. There’s a good chance that she will accept his proposal, but also that there could be some bumps in the road along the way.

According to TV Guide, one of those bumps could be that there are some “conditions” that are put upon whatever sort of future relationship that Sheldon and Amy have. You do have to remember that Sheldon did not necessarily do right by her when it comes to his relationship with Dr. Ramona Nowitzki. While he may have been so naive that he did not think so much about her trying to strike up a romantic relationship with him, he did not listen to what some of his friends were saying. He has suddenly placed himself into a position where he could look incredibly insensitive, and get himself in a lot of trouble the moment that Amy realizes that Ramona kissed him. Sheldon may not have reciprocated it in any way, but some of the emotional damage there may have already been done.

If the two do get engaged, we wonder from there how long the show decides to go before giving the two a wedding. Would that be a great season 11 finale? Certainly, but we do think that it could also function as a great series finale in the event that season 12 is the final one for the show. It would be a great marker of how far the character has grown, and that he is evolving past the chapter in his life that the show has focused on.

What’s also interesting here is the parallel that season 11 of The Big Bang Theory is starting around the same time that season 1 of Young Sheldon is. While you see Sheldon evolve in the present, you are also seeing the origins of this character in the past. (For the record, the more we think about the trailer for Young Sheldon the more excited we are to see that show explore some relationships in his life, especially the one with his father.)

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