Lucifer season 3: Series boss talks standalone episodes

Lucifer season 3There are a few different things that are notable about Lucifer season 3, whether it be the cliffhanger to the arrival of Tom Welling. Yet, the “bonus” episodes from season 2 are the ones that have generated a great deal of interest in our head.

So what are they going to be like? Think about things through this specific lens: We’re going to have a chance to learn more about the characters that we’ve come to know over time through these. Just don’t expect them to directly connect to anything else going on in the story since they were filmed out of order.

Speaking to TVLine, show executive producer Joe Henderson noted that at one point during production, the team started to plan these episodes out with the knowledge that they weren’t going to air during the second season:

“We had a really good feeling that these four standalone episodes would be in Season 3, so we started building them with that in mind … What these episodes do is begin new story for our characters.” 

Some of the stories that are included within this bunch are a Lucifer – Los Angeles origin story, a chance to learn more about Maze, a story that will allow Dr. Linda to take on some big material, and an episode where Lucifer and Ella are in Las Vegas — what better place for Lucifer to be than Sin City? That just seems to be what makes the most sense for the guy?

Henderson also adds that in addition to these episodes looking a little bit different than the standard hour on the show in terms of story, they’re also going to feel very different structurally and try out some different things:

“What I love about them is that when we found out we would be doing these, we told Warner Bros. and Fox, ‘We’re going to go a little crazy on these. We’re going to break format a little bit, were going to screw around a little bit.’”

For anyone who loves it with shows test the boundaries a little bit, this should be music to your ears. This is something that so many other shows within this genre do so very well, whether you are talking about one like The X-Files or Supernatural. There are a lot of different options out there that we could effectively see the series explore insofar as creativity goes, and we hope that it does have a little bit of fun with many of them. You have to remember that one of the biggest things that Lucifer has going for it is the fun factor, which is probably strange to say for a show with the devil as a central character.

What do you want to see when it comes to Lucifer season 3, and do you like that the show’s playing around a bit in these standalone episodes? Share below!

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