Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Odds, ends, and a quiet morning (day 64)

Big BrotherIt’s day 64 in the Big Brother house, and so far, there hasn’t been an overabundance of activity on the live feeds. You had a rare sighting of Christmas’ surgically-repaired foot, but we’re not sure that there are TOO many people who care about that one way or another.

Strategically, nothing has changed in the game so far today and it probably won’t — Mark is going home. Nobody is holding it against him for trying to campaign, though Paul got a little bit bent out of shape last night over Mark saying that he was flip-flopping with various people in the house (which is basically true). As we’ve said, the big problem this week is that Matt is the person he’d have to get voted out of the game, and Raven, Paul, and Josh have no reason to send him home right now. It doesn’t really benefit any of their games to keep Mark around, even if we enjoy him more as a player.

The only thing that Mark has going for him is that people seem to enjoy him more. Kevin, Paul, and others are frustrated with Matt and Raven’s antics — even production seems to be annoyed with them shouting and cackling all over the place. They don’t isolate themselves on a Jessica/Cody level, but they do separate themselves a lot and they did some stuff under the covers last night that is likely horrifying to a number of people out there. We have utterly no idea if this relationship lasts outside the game because it just feels superficial and there’s no real substance ever brought to the table from either party.

We forgot to mention yesterday afternoon that there was a mini-crisis when it comes to Raven missing a bracelet, but it was eventually found and all alarms ceased sounding. Life goes on in the house, and everyone gets a chance to go about their business.

About the next Head of Household

We know that Paul doesn’t really want to win it, given that he doesn’t want to be in a position where his hand is forced and he has to make a move that he doesn’t want to make. If he has to nominate one of the pairs, his hand is forced. Christmas, meanwhile, cannot play, and Josh wants to win it so that his group continues to have power. There was a brief amount of talk about throwing it to Raven, but Josh doesn’t seem to trust anyone other than his core group and at this point (especially with the Tree of Temptation), you don’t want to take unnecessary risks in the game.

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