Supernatural season 13: Show boss speaks on Mark Sheppard’s Crowley

Mark SheppardIs it possible for Mark Sheppard’s Crowley to return in either Supernatural season 13 or beyond? Don’t get your hopes up.

Sheppard already made it very clear earlier this summer that he didn’t want to false hype up a potential return for himself on the CW show. He doesn’t have any plans to come back, and there isn’t anything in the works right now. Whether or not that changes in the future is up to a lot of different people, whether it be the show’s producers, Sheppard himself, and probably some other people who we’re not even aware of. It would be fun to see him again, but you have to find a way to make it happened that makes sense. When he died, he died. You do have to make that stick somewhat if you want it to mean something. That is one of the biggest problems with Supernatural in that death doesn’t often mean too much. We still have conflicting emotions about the death of Bobby — Jim Beaver is fantastic, yet the end of that character was absolutely perfect and it felt like we didn’t have to see him again after that.

In speaking on the Sheppard subject to TVLine, executive producer Andrew Dabb had the following to say:

“We love Mark … We think he’s awesome, and he’s been great on the show. At this point in time, [his potential return] is a little up in the air. Where we took Crowley, where he ended up, made sense for us in a lot of different ways. I would never write off anyone coming back on the show, but I’d be lying to you if I said there were plans to bring him back in, like, Episode 3.”

This feels like a subject to revisit maybe a year from now, or the next time there’s a huge milestone. If there is ever a series finale for the show, maybe you see if there’s a chance to see him again for that. At the moment, though, Sheppard needs to be gone. If you keep looking around every corner for Crowley, you’re going to be disappointed and you’ll be distracted from the remainder of the story. It may be difficult in some ways just because we enjoy the character so much, but moving forward is a part of television just as it is a part of life … or afterlife … or wherever it is Crowley could be at the moment.

What we do know

Supernatural season 13 will premiere this fall on The CW, and you are going to get a chance to see Misha Collins again despite what happened to Castiel in the finale. The specifics of his return are not entirely clear, but you can read some of the latest insight on the show over at the link here.

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