Crime Dynamic Duos: Longmire (Walt / Vic) vs. Law & Order: SVU (Benson / Barba)

Benson / BarbaWe continue today with the latest showdown in our Crime Dynamic Duos series, and we’re featuring Longmire taking on Law & Order: SVUThey are two shows with devoted followings, and there are some similarities with the partnerships featured in this piece as well. Both are working relationships and friendships, but there are plenty of people out there who would love to see them become full-blown romantic relationships, as well.

We fully anticipate this to be quite a showdown, with the winner moving on to the final four of the tournament. Who will emerge? We’re of course going to break that down coming up.

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Still with us? Then let’s dive into this battle…

Walt and Vic, Longmire (#1 seed) – We certainly expected the two characters to make it this far, given that Longmire is a popular show on the site and they are a popular couple to go along with it. They’ve withstood a couple of challenges so far in the tournament, but nothing that can be defined as a serious threat.

One of the things that probably does make the pair so fascinating is that regardless of whether or not you ‘ship the two of them, you probably still love watching them. They can be seen as many different things! They’re great partners and great friends, and there doesn’t technically need to be anything more for them. As for whether or not that will turn out to be true, you just have to wait until season 6 premieres later this fall to find out.

Benson and Barba, Law & Order: SVU (#2 seed) – Here, it’s pretty obvious why fans love them and while there are a passionate group of ‘shippers out there for them: Their professional chemistry and rapport is through the roof. They’re incredible when they’re on the same page, and firecrackers when they have opposing views. You want these sort of dynamics in any character relationship. Even in their current form without any additional labels attached to them, they really put the word “dynamic” in “dynamic duo.”

So far, Benson and Barba have had a pretty easy road in the tournament — they’ve won their first two battles without too much resistance, so we’ll see if that is the case here. (Remember, the new SVU season starts this fall on NBC.)

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