Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Mark campaigns; #RavenExposedParty? (day 63, evening)

Big BrotherWe’ve been out for much of the day, so we had some Big Brother 19 live feed viewing to catch up on tonight! Luckily, there are a couple of interesting things that transpired tonight.

First, we have the big news of Mark trying to do something in the game, especially when it comes to going to Alex/Jason in hopes of getting them to flip and vote against Matt. He’s doing his best to promise them all sorts of stuff, but it’s not going to work. Raven is never going to flip on Matt, while we’re not going to see Paul or Josh go against Christmas’ desired target, either. Still, we really like Mark in that he’s fighting to keep himself alive while also not being sleazy or malicious about it. He’s just a guy playing the game, and doing so in just about every possible way that he can without going too negative. He’s unfortunately got no chance since he’s a huge jury threat at the end of the game.

Kevin at one point did tell Mark that he would vote with him if he got some other people to join him; yet, Mark’s belief that he has Kevin on his side only worked to give the majority alliance more reason to get Kevin out down the road. Kevin is effectively now becoming the Donny of this season, the popular older guy who will be taken out before we get too deep in the game.

Now, let’s talk Raven. The feeders out there have picked out a number of things about her words versus her actions in the game, and now many of the players are speaking out that she doesn’t keep her story straight and lies all of the time — including sometimes on little things that she doesn’t need to lie about. We’re going to keep some of our thoughts on Raven to ourselves, other than saying that she’s a very irritating player to watch sometimes given that she seems more concerned about her personal narrative than any chance of winning this game. She says things sometimes that just don’t make any sense, especially in terms of what Cody supposedly wanted to do with her early on in the game. It’s almost like she doesn’t think people have live feeds and are watching at home.

Basically, consider Paul, Christmas, and Kevin questioning Raven’s comments and truthfulness on the feeds today the closest thing to a #RavenExposedParty that we are going to get. Specifically, they commented on her eating habits, her cooking, and how she often tends to contradict in their mind some of her reported medical problems. They still aren’t inclined to get rid of her, mostly because she hasn’t won anything this season and it doesn’t seem as though she will.

Remember that you can head over to the link here in the event that you do want to get some additional news on the Big Brother 19 feeds. (Photo: CBS.)

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