Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: The problem with Paul’s minions (day 63, morning)

Paul's minionsWe’re not sure a Big Brother cast has frustrated players anywhere near as much as this one for season 19 has, and for one simple reason: Their blind loyalty to Paul. These are people who will jump off of a cliff if he asks for them to, and perhaps most surprising is that he remains so good at what he does this late in the game. He somehow has these people still on his side, and even last night you had people like Alex and Jason recognizing that he wins at the end — but they’re still planning to take them to the final three regardless.

So we thought it would be a useful exercise at this point to try to figure out the answer to the question that has long plagued this season: Why do these people keep wanting to work with Paul?

1. They want to be seen as popular – These people don’t realize that most of America is anti-Paul this season. Look at it this way — Raven went to one of Paul’s concerts before the season, Christmas is a big social-media influencer, and Josh is a huge fan of the show who really just wants love and attention. Alex, meanwhile, is a superfan in their own right. Being friends with Paul really is a motivating factor in some of their decision-making.

2. The sentiment that they can beat him at finale three – We think many pairs are talking about taking him there because they believe that they can just eliminate him there. Alex and Jason would obviously take each other over Paul, and we feel the same way about Matt / Raven and Christmas / Josh. Maybe this is a flaw in Paul’s game that he doesn’t have a true #2 ally, but he clearly does think that he can beat almost anyone in that last competition.

3. Who “deserves” it more – Big Brother is a game show. Therefore, nobody deserves anything. Nonetheless, this is still something that we saw Alex argue last night — Paul deserves to be at the end more than some other players, and with that in mind, he is the person that the two parties want to take that far into the game. Seriously, this is an argument that was stated in the house in order to keep Paul around.

4. Paul’s own skill – He has done a good job making each one of these pairs as though he’s with them, and the problem that he will run into with Mark gone is that these teams will have to start eating each other. It probably helps him that he doesn’t win Head of Household soon so that he can let the duos all turn on each other with him standing in the sidelines. Then, he can win when he really needs to do something in order to ensure his safety.

Why do you think that Paul’s minions are so loyal to him during Big Brother 19? Be sure to share in the comments below right now!

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