Hawaii Five-0 season 8 video: First look at McGarrett’s dog Eddie!

McGarrett's dogJust in case you really wanted something to tear your heart open today, we’ve got a Hawaii Five-0 preview of McGarrett’s dog.

We recently reported that Steve is going to end up adopting a rescue dog early on in the season, and the clip via show executive producer Peter M. Lenkov’s Instagram is a quick preview of that. It’s adorable, the music is touching, and there’s pretty much nothing to be upset about here other than it maybe cutting off before you see Alex O’Loughlin’s face. Still, pretty cool overall. It gives you that much more to be excited about when it comes to the upcoming eighth season premiering this fall on CBS.

It also makes a great deal of sense when you think about it why Steve would get a dog now — he’s trying to find more happiness within his life and live it to the fullest as much as he can. In the wake of his radiation-poisoning reveal, we also see this as a sign that he’s putting down roots and has no intention of giving up on life anytime soon. (Lenkov has already confirmed that there are no plans to kill of McGarrett, so don’t be worried about that.) It adds to Steve’s personal ohana, and hopefully we get to see the dog (named Eddie) around here and there throughout the rest of the series. Dogs aren’t typically characters you see every episode, but they’re beloved much in the way that they are for many families out there in life.

Also, hopefully Eddie helps to spread a message of pet adoption and the importance of giving many animals out there a second chance at a happy home. Anytime that Hawaii Five-0 is able to spread positivity and happiness through the world, it’s a moment to celebrate. The show does do a good job of figuring out ways to do that even in the midst of some of its drama and action — sometimes it comes in the form of Steve – Danny banter, whereas at other points it comes in the form of a message at the end of a case.

Obviously, the show is going to be very different in some ways this season — after the case shakeup, it’s hard for it not to be. What we appreciate is that we keep finding more and more things about season 8 that are worthy of some excitement.

How excited are you for McGarrett’s dog, and for season 8 as a whole?

As always, we welcome some more of your thoughts in the comments below! Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here in the event that you want to get some additional news and insight when it comes to the series. That includes more news on the return of Claire Forlani, and also the possibility of a McGarrett romance with Alicia Brown. (Photo: CBS.)

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