America’s Got Talent rankings: Demian Aditya, Eric Jones, Merrick Hanna, & more

Eric JonesGoing into Tuesday’s America’s Got Talent episode, which performers stand out the most? That’s what this rankings piece is all about! We’re taking a look at the entire field from Tuesday’s show and doing our best in order to determine which acts are likely to advance and which are likely to head home.

If you haven’t seen our past rankings articles, remember this: This is not based on personal preference! More, it’s looking at popularity among show fans, overall talent, creativity, and voting trends with similar acts over the years.

12. Mirror Image – This duo singing/dancing act seems to be mostly put through for the purpose of annoying Simon Cowell. They’re maybe great cabaret entertainment if you’re a little buzzed and out for the night, but that’s the best thing that we can say.

11. Brobots and Mandroidz – We do think that they are a super-talented dance crew, but if Just Jerk was overtaken on the show by a singer, we certainly expect that they unfortunately will, as well. That’s just a part of the show these days.

10. The Masqueraders – On a different season of the show we think these three guys may move on, but the field this time around is just so stacked, especially when it comes to singers. We just don’t see it happening.

9. Johnny Manuel – He’s a great singer, and quite possibly one of the best on the show this season. Unfortunately, he’s probably hurt because he’s not a kid and his story (being dropped from a label) is one that we’ve heard before.

8. Evie Clair – We could easily see her going through to the next round, but we just have a hard time seeing a field of all singers making it through. Mandy’s surely a lock, we feel pretty good about Celine, and we don’t see America turning on Eric or Demian. Where does that leave Evie?

7. Merrick Hanna – We’ve already said that Merrick’s audition may be one of our favorites of the entire season; we just don’t know how America will respond to him or if he can recreate some of the emotional response that he got the first time. Solo dancers are often difficult to predict.

6. Light Balance – Were they the first black-light dance crew on the show, we’d have them higher — they are super-talented! We do think what helps them is the name recognition from being Tyra Banks’ golden buzzer, and the desire from some viewers to see acts go through who are not just singers.

5. Pompeyo Family Dogs – They’re incredibly entertaining, wild, and above all else different from every other act. There’s precedent with Olate Dogs that America does love this sort of act and will vote to put them through to the next round.

4. Celine Tam – Young singers tend to perform very well on this show. Given that Angelica Hale made it through to the next round, we more than expect Celine to, as well. These two and Angelina Green all benefit very much from having their live shows performances be in separate weeks.

3. Eric Jones – America loves singers, but they also love magicians and Eric is everything that they should love — he’s likable, relatable, but also very good at close-up tricks. If he brings something creative to the show Tuesday, he moves on. Simple as that.

2. Demian Aditya – While America didn’t appreciate Bello Nock nearly enough on this past episode, we do think that the crazy escapes that Demian does are so death-defying, big, and intense that he is a sure thing to advance.

1. Mandy Harvey – She’s a very good singer, she has Simon’s golden buzzer, and she has a wonderful and incredibly inspirational story. There is virtually zero reason to think that she will be gone from the show anytime soon.

Now, your take

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