The latest Absentia teaser; are more announcements coming soon?

Absentia teaserIn today’s Absentia report, we’re going to start things off with something that we’re certain many people out there will be happy to have: Another new teaser! This one comes courtesy of AXN Portugal, who will (for the record) be premiering the Stana Katic series on Monday, September 25. That’s the same date as several other territories that we’ve previously reported on for the show.

While there is some footage in here that you’ve certainly seen before in some other teasers, we do think that there are a few new moments here and there you may not recognize. It’s not as dialogue-heavy as some other previews we’ve seen, but it gives you a good sense of the show’s dramatic flourishes and the intensity of some of the action. The biggest thing to remember as you dive into the show is that we’re beginning with Emily Byrne (Katic) returning home after being missing for six years. Somehow, the rest of the series has to find a way to top that initial premise, and it will likely do so by spiraling the story out of control over time. Emily’s life is already in disarray, and there is still the mystery as to what it will do to those who are close to her.

Universally, what’s great about many of these teasers is how they are by and large starting off with glimpses of Emily’s life before being taken. For viewers seeing a preview of the show for the first time, it’s valuable contrast of where she was as opposed to where she is.

Oh, and we’re also now exciting to see what some US promos of the show are going to look like…

Is the wait for a US home announcement finally over?

Well, not officially since we’re not bringing you an answer in this article, but we do feel like an announcement is probably going to come soon — especially if the show wants to premiere in the States around the same time that it is overseas. We know that it does already have a home, so we’re now just waiting to figure out what it is.

If you want to think of the gif below as a clue, feel free to do so — it was sent over to us by the official show account over the weekend when talking about a US announcement. (We’ve tried to figure out if there’s some hidden meaning to this, but the fine Absentia folks have us stumped. If you’ve got some thoughts, feel free to share in the comments below!)

No matter when the date is, rest assured that we’re going to be offering up coverage! What that will entail is frequent episode reviews, plus some previews for other installments and hopefully some interviews here and there. We’re looking forward to being able to share all sorts of good stuff with you once we have more of an indication as to when that will be.

For some other Absentia news…

At this point, you likely know to head over to the link here for more of the latest! (Photo: Sony.)

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