Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony results (day 62)

Veto CeremonyThe Veto Ceremony took place on day 62 of the Big Brother house, and with that we got another reminder: Mark is a classy dude.

He knew he was going on the block, and when he went on the block, he didn’t throw a big fit about it. There wasn’t really any anger from him, and nor was there any desire for him to separate himself from everyone. We’re sure that he is disappointed, but when the feeds came back he had open conversations with everyone and understood where he was coming from. He told Christmas that he appreciated her hearing him out when it comes to what some of his arguments were in the game, and even he had a nice moment with Josh, who in turn didn’t taunt him and act like a terrible person.

We’re not going into this saying that there is a right or wrong way to go out the door in Big Brother, but we think when it comes to both Mark outside of the game and Mark’s future inside the game, he’s doing the right thing. Does he only have around a 1% chance of sticking around in the house another week? Sure, but we think him being nice and understanding will make people more likely to work with him. Think of it this way: Matt is in a duo with Raven, and therefore he’s more valuable in terms of numbers than Mark by himself. Maybe Mark wins some people over or Matt/Raven irritate enough people that he flips some people over to his side.

Of course, the odds of something crazy happening were diminished even more by Josh going to everyone after the Ceremony and blowing up Mark’s proposal to get Alex on the block. This does buy Josh some trust with other people and it’s smart; hopefully, nobody gets all that angry at Mark for doing something to try to play the game. What else do you expect for him to do? (Granted, these are the same people who got furious at him for having the gall to actually play the Power of Veto earlier in the week in order to better save his life in the game.)

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