Teen Wolf season 6 episode 14 review: Liam takes a beating

Teen Wolf season 6 episode 14 reviewThere was a sense of nostalgia in Teen Wolf season 6 episode 14, mostly for one simple reason: We spent a lot of time at school, and in the daytime! Things felt normal on the surface, but then as this hour progressed, things started to get all the darker and strange.

For one, we had some of the characters becoming all the more suspicious of the resident evil guidance counselor Tamora Monroe, who displayed a habit of being super-suspicious and asking probing questions. We went into this episode hating the character for some of what she did, but that was before we started to get a better sense as to precisely what went on here. It just turns out that the incident with the Beast in the past nearly cost Tamora her life, and because of that, she had built up hatred towards some of the supernatural beings in this town. She built up her pain and anger based on fear, and the feeling that these people were wild, reckless, and didn’t understand a whole lot when it comes to sympathy and caring for others. All she wanted was revenge.

There was a violent showdown between Tamora, Scott, and the rest of the crew after some of the revelations started to come out about her past — however, there was no clear winner or loser in that moment. Scott, Malia, and Lydia eventually managed to get away … but it was minutes later that they realized just how much of a losing battle they were fighting. Gerard Argent used Tamora as a face behind his movement, and eventually got so many people on their side that there was nobody that Scott and company could turn to for help.

At the end of the episode, they realized just how alone they truly were.

Elsewhere in the episode…

Even before the closing minutes, Tamora and Argent had already done their job when it comes to getting some of the students at Beacon Hills to turn on werewolves. This, in turn, led to many of Liam’s classmates (led by Nolan) spending the better part of the hour tormenting him and trying to force him to turn to no avail. When that didn’t happen, what we ended up seeing instead was them relentlessly beating him to a pulp until the point where Coach stepped in and lent a helping hand. Liam took a beating just to ensure that he didn’t let anything come out.

In that sense, he was a hero, but this was yet again just a temporary win. For the good guys, Teen Wolf season 6 episode 14 was about survival and buying time. For the Hunters, this was about picking up steam. Episode Grade: B+.

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