Game of Thrones season 7 episode 6: Is Jon – Daenerys romance happening?

Jon - Daenerys romanceMrs. Carter: Is a Jon – Daenerys romance actually in the cards on Game of Thrones season 7?

Well, let’s start off here by saying that in theory, anything is possible. As a matter of fact, moving out of Sunday night’s new episode it may be more possible than it’s ever been at any point in the past.

For one, the two do share a connection that stems now from loss. In a way Daenerys lost more than just one of her dragons to the White Walkers at the end of Sunday night’s new episode: She also in the process lost whatever sort of plausible deniability that she possibly could when it comes to the presence of the White Walkers. She can’t ignore them anymore.

Yet, despite her pain she feels appreciation towards Jon. She recognizes that she has a tough exterior and demands respect; with that, she admires that he took a stand against her and forced her to see the truth behind what was happening with the White Walkers. Had he not taken that risk, she could have expended her resources conquering Westeros and would never have realized the dangers that lied to the north. The two can team up as allies in taking these threats on … and maybe as more than that. There was a moment as Jon recovered tonight where it was clear that there were some feelings forming there; we know already that Daenerys does love to be challenged in some way. She had this with Drogo, and to some extent she did have this with Daario.

Now, there is of course a huge problem facing these two, and it’s something that you would really hope someone would clue the two of them in on: They’re more than likely related. Unfortunately, the only two who may have some sense of this are Bran and Gilly, but neither of them even have all of the pieces put together just yet. They can’t protect themselves from what they don’t know, and there is something cruel about the situation that they are in.

If you think back to some of the comments that George R.R. Martin has made in the past about his A Song of Ice and Fire series, “bittersweet” is one of the words that he’s used in order to describe the end of the show. In terms of romance, having Jon and Daenerys together only for them to find out that they’re related would seem to fit that narrative. They’d have happiness, only to get that happiness tainted by something that would certainly freak them out — especially with the Targeryan family history being what it is.

One of the only questions that remains now is this: When will Jon learn the truth? That is going to play a key role in determining the future of this relationship from here on out.

What do you think: Will anything stop a Jon – Daenerys romance from happening? Share in the comments below!

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