Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Paul and Christmas’ long-term plans (day 61, afternoon)

Big Brother 19For most of Big Brother 19we thought that there was no way that some of these players would allow Paul to make it to the end. Now, we’re not anywhere near as sure. We’re just about two-thirds of the way through the game and almost everyone remaining is too afraid to bring up the idea of targeting him.

For a further sense of just how solidified the final three deal of Paul, Christmas, and Josh really is, Paul spoke alone to the live feeders earlier today, making it clear that his plan was to keep close to those two. He clearly thinks that he can beat either one of them without a problem, and he also is probably stronger than either one of them in competitions. If we were Paul we’d probably go more with Raven and Josh if he really wanted to win, but this configuration isn’t terrible either.

What surprises us more is Christmas saying that she’d have no problem going to the end with both Josh and Paul, thinking that either one of them would take her to the end when we’re not sure Paul would. He knows that Cody and Mark hate Josh, and that’s some guaranteed jury votes that he would get. Josh also probably wouldn’t make much of a cohesive argument up there at the end of the game. The plan is to remove Mark from the equation this week, Jason the next, and then after that maybe either Alex or Kevin. Matt will go before the other half of Alex/Kevin will in his plan, and that other half will join Raven in his ideal final five.

Yep, we’re starting to actually face the possibility that Paul could end up winning this season. We wanted to have faith in this cast for a while to do the right thing and think with their own self-interest in mind, but they aren’t actually doing it. Jason’s one of the few with the guts to make the move, and but we’re not sure if he will have the support of much of anyone else if he wins Head of Household.

After Christmas had her monologue to the cameras this afternoon, she told Josh that the two need to study hard to ensure that they make it to the final three with Paul. They’re effectively beginning some of their training for the endgame already, but we’ll have to wait and see precisely how well it ends up working.

We’ll be back later tonight over at the link here to offer up one more feed update from the evening. More than likely, we’re not going to see too much change in terms of strategy — mostly because nobody in this game seems to have anything above and beyond following Paul into the fire.

Do you think that there’s starting to be more of a good chance than ever that Paul is actually going to win Big Brother 19? Share in the comments! (Photo: CBS.)

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