NCIS season 15: Mark Harmon’s Gibbs not ‘sacrificing life’ for McGee

Mark Harmon's GibbsThere are some odd reports out there about NCIS season 15 this weekend, and in what shouldn’t be a surprise to fans out there, they of course involve Mark Harmon’s Gibbs.

If you look around some various news feeds, then you’ll see sensational headlines about whether or not Gibbs is going to sacrifice himself in order to ensure that McGee will be able to come home from South America to be with his pregnant wife Delilah. You’ve likely seen the first photos of Gibbs and Sean Murray’s character months removed from when they were first captured down there — they’ve grown beards and are clearly suffering. The team in Washington will be doing what they can to find them, but they, (like any other organization out there) do have their own limitations. There’s only so much that they can do, and the onus may eventually be on Gibbs and his longtime colleague to find a way to save themselves.

What’s interesting about these “sacrificing” headlines is that if you look within the stories (we’ve already seen them at both the Christian Post and the Inquistr), there isn’t really all that much talking about how this sacrifice is actually going to happen or why. This is just a part of a narrative to suggest that Gibbs may somehow be leaving the show, a rumor that’s been out there for most of the year in many various terrible forms. It’s capitalizing on the fear of NCIS fans who see a headline and wonder if they are going to be losing one of their favorite characters. We don’t want to see that happen, but we also don’t want to see any fans falling for that.

In general, the rumors about Gibbs dying or immediately leaving the show should be dismissed for one simple reason above all else: We’ve now got Maria Bello coming on board the series! The former Prime Suspect star is going to be a series regular as both a major foil for Gibbs and also a valuable member of the team. If there were plans for Gibbs to depart in the near future, odds are that the show wouldn’t have considered bringing someone on board who is going to be looking at some sort of relationship with him — whether it be romantic or otherwise.

Regardless of however the team gets brought back together, it’s going to happen and it will be business as usual with NCIS — this is a show that knows what its viewers like, it will continue to cater to them and present some great stories with exciting twists and turns along the way. By around the time episode 3 comes around, it may not even feel as though Gibbs and McGee were even gone. Because of its procedural nature things often do tend to move quickly and episodes have a little bit of an evergreen feel because of that.

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