Poldark season 4 expectations: What’s next for Dwight Enys?

Dwight EnysAre there some big things coming for Dwight Enys on Poldark season 4? We certainly hope so, given that season 3 ended with him in a slightly better spot. After all, he had been freed from his French prison, and was back with his wife Caroline. He had a chance to have real happiness, something that has been terribly elusive for him. Yet, he finally found it, and for the first time in a in a long time he was feeling some semblance of security.

For Dwight moving into Poldark season 4, he’s facing a doubled-edged sword. In one way, you want to see this character happy; yet, in doing so, he may also have less to do. We’re going to try to balance the two out in thinking more in terms of what could be coming for the character without him having to face more severe adversity.

1. Have him be more of an information broker – Dwight obviously needs to be careful about the information that he gets from his patients, given doctor/patient confidentiality and the like. However, there is also something to be said for him subtly handing over information to Ross or playing the role of peacekeeper like he did with Whitworth at the end of season 3. He has to tow the line of ethics every now and then, but we like it when he is subtly sneaky.

2. Don’t ignore what happened to him – We’ve already seen Caroline try to nurse him back to health after suffering some post-traumatic stress from his capture. Maybe he’s put together in some moments, but he will also have some regressions and moments here or there where he has not fully healed. You do need to spotlight some of these a little bit more.

3. Show more class conflicts – One of the interesting things about the Caroline / Dwight relationship is that she was of a much higher social standing, and we’d love to see the differences in social dynamics play out much more.

4. Start a family – This can be a big part of the happiness that Dwight has in his life — therefore, when there is some chaos that crops up, he at least has a family and a home to come back to for his stability.

5. Figure out if his career is enough – Will he be content with being the local traveling doctor, and what other sorts of ambitious are there for a smart man like Dwight? We haven’t seen him struggle enough as of late in terms of existential dilemmas on the part of his career, and this could be interesting material to try and explore.

One way or another, here’s to hoping that there is some more great material featuring Dwight Enys to come. Poldark season 4 recently had its first table read, with filming expected to take place in the months to come.

What do you want to see coming for Dwight on Poldark season 4? Be sure to share now in the attached comments!

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