Power season 4 episode 9: Who could die in final two episodes?

Who could dieGoing into Power season 4 episode 9, it should go without saying that we’re a little bit worried that some people are going to die. This is the nature of this show, and there are plenty of characters out there with the means and the motivation to do terrible things to people we either love or love to hate.

With that in mind, let’s cycle through the five characters who, at the moment, we’re the most worried about entering the final two episodes of Power.

Kanan – This should go without saying, given that there’s never been all that much of a motivation to leave this guy alive. He’d kill others, so we could easily see Ghost killing him if he saw a purpose in it. Kanan was missing in action this past week, but the man is clearly still out there somewhere.

Tasha – It’s not out of the realm of possibility that she ends up being a casualty of either Ghost’s actions or her own son Tariq’s. Perhaps the bigger surprise is why she hasn’t been targeted more given all of the shady things that Ghost has done.

LaKeisha – She’s gotten mixed up with Tommy this season, and we absolutely feel that this is one of the worst possible people to get mixed up with. There’s such a huge army of people who want this guy gone that you have to be cognizant that something terrible could happen to you just by association.

John Mok – He’s a major character in this season, and we know that he’s as ruthless a prosecutor as you’re going to find. It’s easy to figure out a situation where he gets enough information on someone like Tommy that he in turn is murdered, just like Mike Sandoval was taken out before he could snitch with some of his information.

Tommy – Let’s be clear: We don’t think it will happen and is the biggest long-shot of the names listed. Still, so long as he runs in this crowd, he’s going to be in danger. Killing off Ghost’s longtime #2 is another way to leave him unraveled entering season 5, since he won’t know who else he can trust in his operation.

The good news is probably for Tariq here — for the longest time, we thought that the kid was the most likely to die. Now, we think that keeping him alive is actually the larger tragedy since you’re looking at someone who’s gone down a dark path and Ghost would have to see the direct result of how some of his actions have influenced/hurt his family.

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