The Punisher teaser features Jon Bernthal, dark intensity galore (video)

Punisher teaserIf you managed to make it through Marvel’s The Defenders already, you will know that there is a rather nice gift for you in a first look at The PunisherWe’ve now seen the first teaser for the upcoming Netflix series featuring Jon Bernthal as the title character, we have to say that it’s all sorts of awesome — not to mention intense, but did you expect anything different when it comes to this character? Intense is Frank’s middle name as far as we are concerned.

While there’s not really a whole lot in the way of actual content in this teaser, you probably didn’t expect for there to be. The majority of it is just spent with Frank Castle (Bernthal) talking about his philosophy and basically stating his mantra as a hero/villain/whatever he is. You get the familiar skull logo at the very end, which is a nice reminder that there is a reckoning coming. It’s dark, moody, and creepy, which is probably what you want from a TV adaptation of this character. It’s also probably a good thing that this is a show on Netflix, given that this is going to be such an aggressively violent show and there’s no real way that it would work anywhere else without watering it down considerably.

As for when The Punisher will air, all signs point to early on in 2018. This is the familiar Netflix model that we’ve come to see with these shows — we had The Defenders this fall, we’ll get a new series in the late winter/early spring, and then another series probably next fall. That one will more than likely be the next season of either Jessica Jones or Luke Cage based on some of the stuff that is filming at the moment.

For The Punisher, this show mostly represents a chance to carry on the story of a man that we first met back in Daredevil season 2, and someone who is more than capable of causing damage with both his presence and his action. He was absolutely terrifying at times on that show, and we’d go so far as to say that this is one of the best adaptations of the character that we’ve seen so far in media. He’s a hard one to get right just because you are talking about someone who really exists in their own moral gray area. He does what he wants, and is not so easily influenced by anyone else.

Will there be a Punisher season 2? It’s probably too early to say, and for now our advice is simply this: If you enjoy the show, we hope that you recommend it to other people. This show needs to make a splash in the same way that some of the other ones within the Marvel – Netflix universe did.

What do you think about this new The Punisher teaser? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on it in the comments! Once there is some additional news to report on the project, including a premiere date, we’ll have that for you here.

Meanwhile, head over here to get some news related to the current Marvel series du jour in The Defenders. (Photo: Netflix.)

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