Supernatural season 13: When will official premiere details come out?

Supernatural season 13There have been a few Supernatural season 13 details released so far, whether it be guest stars or the full-time addition of Lucifer’s spawn. We’ve heard about the story ahead from Comic-Con and seen the exciting announcement about the Wayward Sisters spin-off show.

Now, it feels like the right time to start to feel a little bit more specific with this question: When are some of the first premiere details coming out? We know that there are plenty of people out there who want them, mostly because we want them just as much as anyone. This is a show that gave you one of the craziest cliffhangers imaginable at the end of last season — we know that Mark Sheppard is gone, but Misha Collins is sticking around and there’s a big question that you have to wonder with that: How? In what way do you bring him back, and is he even Castiel anymore? This is a show that offers itself up a lot of creative flexibility to play around in the world and do whatever it wants.

Let’s get back now to the question in the title, and that is when some of the first details about the season 13 premiere could come out. If we were to issue an educated guess, we would say that around the third week in September, you will start to see either promotional photos or an official synopsis come out for the premiere. Remember that Supernatural is starting in mid-October, and typically The CW releases episode info around three weeks, give or take, before their episodes air. If we had to mark something on the calendar at the moment, this is probably what we would mark.

Meanwhile, we’d also figure that there’ll be a good bit of footage that starts to creep its way onto the internet next month … but at a pretty slow-and-steady pace given that the last thing that the show wants to do is give away too much before the installment airs.

We admit that the time we’re going to be most excited is in early October or so when we start to get information on the second or third episode. To us, we view and appreciate Supernatural episodes the same way we do The X-Files — while the mythology episodes are very much enjoyable, we really love the show the most when its a monster-of-the-week story and the writers are forced to push themselves to their creative limits in terms of what they can accomplish. The more that we see things play out in that vein on the show, the happier that we’ll be — and we highly doubt that the writers are ever going to move away from it given that it’s always been the series’ bread and butter.

What do you want from the Supernatural season 13 premiere? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments!

Meanwhile, to get everything from casting news to other updates and details on the series + its future, head over to the link here! (Photo: The CW.)

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