Legends of Tomorrow season 3 needs Zatanna as much as it needs Constantine

ZatannaWe’ve long been a proponent of Zatanna being a part of the DC Comics Universe on The CW — for years, the right show felt like it was ArrowMaybe for a year or so, you could’ve argued that the right show was The Flash.

However, we’re now pretty darn sure that everyone’s favorite illusionist with magic powers has an ideal home: DC’s Legends of TomorrowIf you’ve been paying attention to some of the reports that are out there, then you’ll know that the series is moving into an occult direction this season with more magic and mysticism. While that time-travel component may be there, the show may be looking more into some of the stuff emphasizes at times on Arrow season 4. We have Damien Darhk coming back, as well as Kuasa from Vixen joining as a major villain for part of the season. As far as heroes, there’s been rumors for a while about John Constantine stopping by, with one of the only things holding it back being finding the room in Matt Ryan’s schedule. (He’s a busy man!) With his understanding of this world and previous collaboration with Oliver Queen, it makes some sense to bring the show back.

With that, why not Zatanna, as well? It’d be nice to have a powerful female character on the show with these sort of magic skills, as well as someone with as rich of a comic history as she does. The Zatanna character first originated all the way back in 1964, and she’s been seen in a wide array of variations ever since. She was even around on Smallville in live-action form.

Over the past few years the character has been relegated to the background in terms of some of DC’s best and brightest, but she is making a comeback! She made an appearance in a recent Harley Quinn comic (we all know how powerful she is at the moment), just as we also know that she’s got a huge role in an upcoming Mystik U comic series alongside some other familiar faces. This seems like the perfect time to introduce her to the Arrow-verse, especially since she’s a character who could fulfill a wide array of purposes.

Just like with Constantine, she has a skill set that could translate well on just about any show, while she also is a character who can be twisted and played around with for the sake of TV. She’s not so well-known that she has to be exactly like her comic-book iteration. The writers can have a little fun working out her powers and what they’d look like on TV. (We feel like the way that her powers are written and how she casts her spells are two of the reasons why we haven’t seen her in the DC – CW universe so far.)

What do you think: Is now the right time for Zatanna to enter this universe via DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? Be sure to sound off now in the comments!

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