Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Veto players; Mark’s big shot (day 60, afternoon)

Veto PlayersThe Veto Competition is happening this afternoon in the Big Brother house, and we’re very happy to report that there’s some drama with it!

The players for the competition were chosen earlier this afternoon, and the big thing that matters about this is rather simple: Mark is officially playing. Jason and Matt are on the block, and what he could do if he wins is A) choose to keep nominations the same or B) choose to remove someone and try to build an ally for himself moving forward. For example, is Jason the sort of person who would nominate Mark after he spared his life in the game? You never know, and it’s worth his while to give something a shot. This is the sort of power that could be game-changing for him.

One of the problems for Mark is that in addition to the nominees and Head of Household Christmas (potentially) playing, he is also going to be squaring off against Paul. Raven’s also there, not that we think that she will win.

There is also still another problem in that we don’t know what the Veto today is. If it’s the Stay/Fold competition, it’s easy for the other houseguests to effectively rig it so that it’s extremely difficult for him to win. They could also still try to distract him somehow. We just wonder, other than Josh, how much of that they are going to do. Then again, they could go all-in with the “messing with the man during the competition” tactic. The funny thing is that despite claiming to be this super self-aware vet, Paul has been incredibly tone-deaf for most of the season when it comes to what fans think of him and his tactics. He’s certainly not well-liked for piling on the houseguests in the minority.

If Mark does win (we’re personally hoping that it’s Zingbot given he was at the live show), the current plan seems to be to take Jason out of the game over Matt, who is viewed by and large as a non-factor in the game. If by some crazy logic Mark wins and Jason comes off the block, we wonder if Alex would then go up and be voted out by the rest of the house. It would be a quick fall for someone who’s clearly felt for a while now that they are one of the main driving forces in the game. The two people we’re pretty sure Christmas won’t be putting up, at least for the time being, are Paul and Josh. They both are planning for now to go far into the game with her; Christmas is smart enough to know not to go to the end with Paul, but we don’t think that she wants to do away with him in the game just yet.

If you want to get some additional news when it comes to Big Brother and the live feeds, be sure to head over here! We’ll be back later with the results of the competition. (Photo: CBS.)

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