Power season 4 episode 9 spoilers: Could Proctor, Angela team up?

Power season 4 episode 9When Power season 4 episode 9 airs on Starz Sunday night, you’re going to get a chance to see a surprising collaboration … or, at least one we’re hoping to get.

In the sneak peek below, what you effectively see is Joe Proctor and Angela Valdez at the negotiating table, where the two are looking for an answer to a very important question: Is it possible that she could end up hopping over to the defense? He wants her at his firm, knowing full well that she could be one of the best defense attorneys out there. She knows how the prosecution thinks, and will be able to utilize a wide array of tools in her arsenal to take them down. She’s also going to have a harder time finding a place within the prosecution in the wake of what happened with the James St. Patrick case. Even though Proctor may still be facing some troubles of his own with the suspension, he arguably still has the leverage. He is the one with the firm here, and Angela may not be able to just take off somewhere and start her own firm right away.

If there is one problem that Proctor is running into with his plan here, it’s strictly this: Finding a way to coax Angela over knowing that his perception on the law is so different. She cares about putting people behind bars; meanwhile, he simply cares more for whether or not he can get his clients out of jail. He doesn’t spend nearly as much time worrying himself over whether or not someone follows the letter of the law; he just wants the money and to win. It’s the perception of many defense lawyers, but this is the nature of the beast. Not everyone is going to say to your face whether or not they are innocent / guilty. You just have to do the job and hope that you’re doing it for someone who deserves that much effort from you. That’s all Joe can concern himself with, and if Angela wants the job, she may have to consider that.

Hopefully, we’re going to get a chance to learn in the next two episodes what Angela’s future holds one way or another. We know that personally, Power would be interesting moving into season 5 if she was on the other side. There’s also not too many people left on the prosecution when you think about losing Greg Knox and Mike Sandoval. John Mok is a new character this season, and it’s ultimately too early to know one way or another if he stays. (Personally, we hope that he does — he’s tough, and we like characters who will stop at almost nothing in order to get what they want.)

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