Big Brother 19 episode 25 review: The Derrick Lavasseur recap hour

Big Brother 19 episode 25Friday night’s Big Brother 19 episode 25 was an episode … well, it’s one that will probably be forgotten pretty quickly. After all, this was an episode that starred Derrick Lavasseur as a surprise visitor to the house, where his role was mostly to stand around and introduce recap settings.

Last season, the houseguests got a carnival and Ziggy Marley. This time, they got Derrick and virtually nothing else. We have mad respect for the season 16 winner, but we’re not sure spending an hour with Derrick introducing segments equals getting to see random hijinks in the house.

There were a few segments in here that we enjoyed — but there was also a LOT of filler that we saw play out over the course of the hour.

1. The entire “Matt eating cereal” montage – For everyone who watches the live feeds, this was a nice reminder of Matt’s favorite activity. It’s also his biggest contribution of the season beyond being so good at being bad that he was able to stop Cody from throwing the Temptation Competition.

2. People scaring other people – Hey, even in a post-James era, it can be funny. Well, here it was actually much funnier than it was was with James given that this dude just regurgitated the same stuff over and over again. At least there was some originality here.

3. Ramses crushing on Matt, after he realized that he was the ideal combination of Mark and Paul – The main reason we enjoyed this was the segment, which felt a little bit similar to that Community episode where the show randomly spliced together moments to look like Pierce and Abed had some sort of secret connection.

Beyond this, we didn’t need twenty minutes of showmance talk or reminders that Mark was more into Elena than Elena seemingly was into Mark. We also didn’t really need to see Josh banging his pots and pans again. We don’t quite consider him being a jerk to be a great television moment.

Ultimately, the episode ended with Derrick narrating the new Head of Household Competition. There was no winner announced, but hopefully the show will give us some more information on that by the time we get to the end of the night. Grade: C.

What did you think about tonight’s Big Brother 19 recap episode, and were you letdown in comparison to the carnival last year? Share below, and head over here to get some additional insight when it comes to the show. (Photo: CBS.)

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