The Night Shift season 4 episode 8 review: TC’s debate and a hospital hack

Night Shift season 4 episode 8 reviewIt didn’t take long on The Night Shift season 4 episode 8 for things to start to get a little bit crazy, mostly because of a hack that hit the hospital. This messed up all of the data, and as a result of that, threw much of of the operations of the hospital. This basically meant that the power went off, patients couldn’t be treated properly, and basically, everything was in disarray. Not only that, but there was a young patient who found himself separated from his father at a time in extreme need.

To be specific, it was an incident in an elevator, the direct result of the outage, that left this said boy was trapped. There were attempts to stop the hack, but also an influx of additional patients and not really any hope in order to turn things around in the hospital. The hackers basically had the entire hospital hostage since there San Antonio wasn’t the only location they were targeted — there wasn’t any real way in order to pay off the ransom given what time it was during the day.

The entire story for Kenny and Drew in this episode was pretty simple: Finding a way to save this child almost MacGyver-style given that there weren’t too many resources on their side. They eventually did do so, with a little bit of help from Paul above sending down some of the right tools.

As for one of the other main stories of the episode, TC and Jordan found a chance to work together in an unusual way. For the second time this season, we saw an episode that featured one of the main characters in the air trying to save a life. This time it was TC rather than Drew, but ironically in this case it was Rick still there. Is the man cursed in the air? One of Rick’s colleagues found himself in grave danger, and after briefly keeping him alive in the air TC and Jordan were able to save him in the ground.

The end result of the episode

In the end, we learned that Julian actually stopped the hack, but it took him having to take money from vultures and other people he couldn’t pay back. He lost almost all of his money, and in a conversation with Scott, we learned that he didn’t really earn anything from buying San Antonio Memorial. Julian basically lost money trying to save Paul’s workplace.

What made matters worse for Scott was Julian forcing Scott to keep some of his financial problems a secret.

Speaking of secrets, there were some other issues that did need to be resolved. For Kenny, he needed to make things clear about dating Paul’s sister. (Interestingly, Paul was more worried for Kenny than for his sister given her history.) Meanwhile, Drew needed to be honest with Rick about going to ranger school (he didn’t even tell him that he was going!), and TC still needed to figure out if he was going to be staying in San Antonio for a while. Jordan and Shannon also had to resolve things when it comes to the former’s reporting style.

Well, for Drew, let’s just say that him revealing his secret didn’t go well … and understandably so, given that he dropped him on it out of nowhere right when Rick said that he wanted to talk about adding a baby. The episode closed with Jordan posing an interesting proposition for the hospital’s future: SAM becoming a combat training facility. They could help doctors moving forward while keeping the hospital afloat, and the onus could be on TC.

Here’s the problem — Amira decided to leave her husband, and she made it clear that she wanted to be with TC. That’s your cliffhanger. Would he stay or would he go?

Overall take

This episode brought you drama, inspiration, hope, and despair depending on where you looked. It was a great episode, but also one that may have made you choked up in various spots. There are only two episodes left, and tonight certainly left the door open for many storylines to air next week. Grade: B+.

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