Game of Thrones star Kit Harington, Amy Schumer on Judge Judy vie for internet dominance

Kit HaringtonThere are two fantastic viral TV stories out there today, and depending on who you are, it’s going to be very much difficult to determine who the winner is.

Let’s start over with Game of Thrones and none other than Jon Snow himself in Kit Harington. The man behind Jon Snow (spoiler alert if you are behind) had an up-close-and-personal interaction with one of Daenerys’ dragons on this past episode, with one of the biggest surprises being that the dragon had no interest at all in being aggressive towards him. Is that Targeryan blood influencing the move? All signs point to yes, given what we know from Bran coupled with what Gilly casually dropped during her conversation with Sam.

Now, you have a chance to see Harington doing his best impersonation of said dragon courtesy of Emilia Clarke’s Instagram — we do think that he’s got the movements down pretty pat; unfortunately, the jury is still out as to if he can breathe fire and turn the tide of an entire battle.

As it is, this is a pretty fun little video that reminds us that even in the midst of a crazy Game of Thrones shooting schedule, people still find a way to have a little bit of fun.

Oh, but Jon has some competition when it comes to one of the strangest TV-related things that you’re going to see on the internet today..

Amy Schumer was on Judge Judy…

Luckily, the actress/comedienne was not there as a plaintiff or a defendant. Instead, you can see Schumer in the clip below randomly as a part of the audience watching the case play out.

How did all of this come about? Well, apparently it just had to do with her being a fan of the show and wanting to make an appearance on it. In a post on her own Instagram she claimed that she visited the show’s set with her sister to take part in filming for the day.

Obviously, we’re sure that Judge Judy was thrilled with this since it gives the show a rare bit of a celebrity pop (it’s not that hard to get tickets to attend) — interestingly, this isn’t even the only viral moment from the show this week! Recently, there was another big Judge Judy moment that came out when the famous judge allowed a dog to roam free in the courtroom in order to determine who was the rightful owner. Typically, this is the sort of thing you only see in Disney movies.

Okay, let’s pose the question to you: Which one of these things did you enjoy more today? Share in the comments below! (Photo: HBO.)

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