Big Brother 19 discussion: Double Eviction possibilities

Double EvictionThe Big Brother 19 Double Eviction show is airing in just a matter of hours, but before we come around to that, this does feel like the time to map out scenarios.

What could happen over the course of this hour? Let’s start off by making the assumption that Cody Nickson leaves the game, given that there is so little evidence to the contrary. Maybe Elena gets a hinky vote or two thrown her way just to mess with her, but that’s it. The point of this article is to get into some of the meaty stuff that could happen tonight.

If Paul, Christmas, Matt, Raven, Josh, Jason or Kevin win Head of Household – This is pretty simple: Mark and Elena likely go on the block given that this is the only way to ensure one of them goes home. If one of them wins Veto, evict the other one. The only way to mix this up slightly is if for whatever reason someone nominates Mark and Kevin, given that Kevin’s name has been thrown around out there a lot. If Elena wins Veto and chooses to remove Mark, then Kevin could go home.

Ultimately, it feels pretty clear-cut that Mark is the likely frontrunner to home, with Elena behind him and Kevin somewhere back there depending on how things go during the show. Is there also a chance Kevin wins and does something different? Maybe, but he’d have to suspect that something was up and we’re not sure how aware of that he is.

If Mark or Elena win HoH – Things get a little bit more interesting. Mark wants Alex and Paul on the block, and maybe at this point he convinces her to go along with it. Josh is also a pawn target that Mark would love to get out of the game, and Matt’s a physical threat. Paul would be the person the two should target, but there may not be a scenario in which he leaves. The best thing they could hope for is that it’s Paul versus Alex or Jason if they pawned him. Maybe then they determine that Paul’s too big of a threat and now is a good time to take him out. We just don’t have a ton of confidence in the ability of some of the minions on Paul’s side to make a big move.

For the sake of fun, we’re still hoping for something crazy to happen and for the game to be shaken up. Mark and Elena are one of our last hopes of a real underdog winner, and while we deeply admire the game that Paul’s played when it comes to his strategy, we don’t love the mood he’s enforced on the house and it would be good for entertainment to see him go. We don’t so much care to watch someone dominate the game. Big Brother ultimately is about entertainment.

If Paul wins Veto, Alex should be the target if for no other reason than that she’s the biggest competition threat of the remaining players.

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