Big Brother 19: When will live feeds return after Double Eviction?

Double EvictionWant to know when the Big Brother 19 live feeds will be back on the air following the Double Eviction show tonight? Alas, you’re going to be waiting for a while.

According to a new report coming in from the show’s official Twitter account, feeds are going to remain down following the show tonight until Friday night at 9:00 p.m. Pacific — following the conclusion of the West Coast airing of the special episode airing at 8:00. We’re hoping to get more information about what this special episode is either from Julie Chen tonight or in our weekly Q&A with Allison Grodner on Friday. Odds are, it will probably be some sort of partial recap of the season with a few game-related things thrown in. Hopefully, it’ll be a little bit different than the odd carnival episode last year — one that was stuffed full of filler save for some Ziggy Marley music. (Ironically we feel like in 2017, Ziggy Marley is actually what we probably need to chill out a little bit.)

What is going to be so interesting about the downtime on the feeds is that there’s a pretty good chance that the game could explode into chaos tonight. If either Mark or Elena wins Head of Household, one of them could choose to nominate Paul and Alex in hopes of trying to make the entire game explode. In addition to that, there’s also a chance that Kevin hears something about what Paul has been saying about him and chooses to make a big move of his own. While the past few weeks of the game have been fairly straightforward, there is a chance that something a little bit crazier is going to happen tonight on the show. It probably won’t happen, but we’ll still settle for a chance.

If the game gets crazy tonight, the wait will be painful; however, if things get a little bit predictable, we’ll probably just shrug our shoulders and hope for something new when the feeds come back. That’s the sort of season that it is at the moment — one person in Paul is playing great strategically, but he’s doing so in such a negative way that we could end up stuck with a nothing-burger for a winner just because people may not want to reward Paul for some of his behavior. (Imagine Twitter if Raven somehow wins this season, not that we think there’s a way that this happens — everyone seems over her to such an extent that even her story won’t matter anymore.)

By the time the feeds do return, there’s a good chance that both the new HoH Competition and nominations will be over — this also comes in perfect time for the Friday edition of After Dark. Cheers to all of you Orwell-loving Night Owls out there!

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