Riverdale season 2 promo: Archie’s turning point — and his fear

Riverdale season 2 promoRiverdale season 2 is premiering on The CW this fall, and judging from the latest preview that was just released, this new season is going to be dark, atmospheric, creepy, and everything in between. If you love shows with a great infusion of drama and mystery, you need to catch on this series ASAP.

We don’t necessarily think that the new promo is revealing much in the way of new footage, but there are a few things that are notable in here — blood, guns, and a shower scene! If you ‘ship Archie and Veronica, you will probably appreciate this quite a bit.

We don’t want to get too caught up in the ‘shipping vortex here, mostly because we don’t really think that Riverdale is meant to be a romance at its core. This is a show about corrupted youth, and what happens when childhood is stripped away overnight. The first season was about seeing that happen with the Jason Blossom murder. Archie Andrews did his best to keep some element of his youth alive despite the case dragging the entire town into a hole; however, much of that was lost by the time that we made it to the finale. Relationships crumbled, scandals grew, and he was facing the possibility of his father Fred dying.

Is Fred going to survive? This Riverdale promo makes us feel that Archie will be going deeper down that hole whether Fred survives or not (Archie with a gun makes us worried). He’ll feel the fear of the shooter in his mind, the thirst for the revenge, and the uncertainty that comes with all of this unfolding while he still tries to be a normal high school student. Nothing is normal about what he’s going through, and few people will understand emotionally how to help him through it outside of Veronica. It’s going to make for some great drama as a viewer, but it will be hell for him as a character.

To make matters all the worse for him, some of his other touchstones are stripped from him. His best friendship relationship with Betty is different from what it once was; meanwhile, Jughead is in a different place and could be falling in with a rough crowd in his father’s gang. We certainly see the Blossom family as problems rather than allies — what’s left of them, anyway.

All of the quotes in this promo do serve to illuminate the wide array of things that the show does best, namely giving you a fantastic visual palette that actually does make the show feel like a comic book come to life. It’s a beautiful show, with a barrage of colors and mystery.

Given that Riverdale did recently clean house at the Teen Choice Awards, it feels fair to say that anticipation is high to get more of the show. Unfortunately, there is still a bit of a wait for new episodes.

What is your take on the Riverdale season 2 promo? Share in the comments below, and head over to the link here in the event you do want some other news on the show. (Photo: The CW.)

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