Chicago Fire season 6 spoilers: Someone will leave — but how?

Chicago Fire season 6When Chicago Fire season 6 premieres on NBC this fall, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that someone will be leaving the show. Just think back for a moment to the cliffhanger that basically sent all series fans down a road ridden with tears. There are many lives in jeopardy when it comes to the fire, whether it be Casey, Mouch, Kannell, or Severide. We’ve long assumed that someone may not get out of this alive.

Yet, it seems as though there is no guarantee of that — just look at what showrunner Derek Haas had to say in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

“Not all characters are coming back for season six, but I won’t specifically say how come they’re not coming back.”

What this means is rather simple: Someone’s going to leave, but they won’t necessarily die. We’ve always wondered that in particular in the context of the relationship with Mouch. Remember that Christian Stolte’s character was planning to leave the Firehouse before he went into that final fire in the first place. This is just an additional opportunity for him to depart if he survives, and it make sense given how dangerous this job has been for him:

Haas also went so far as to explain some of the trajectory that we are going to see for the story over the course of the premiere episode:

“We’re going to pick up with the events that closed out season five. We’re going to start just moments after what you saw. After fade out, we’re going to fade back in on the same scene and we’re going to play out the event. I don’t give away spoilers because there’s a lot of things happening and a lot of people in jeopardy. Those events will play out over the teaser and then when we come back, we are going to do a time jump of a couple of months to (a) to line us more up with summer and (b) to get into…the way I always pitch it is, we’re not doing the 23rd episode of season five, we’re launching season six and hopefully launching it out of a canon so then we’re going to go right into season six.”

Ultimately, this is probably what you would expect given that Chicago Fire doesn’t like to get too far behind where it is in the present day in America. That makes it harder for the show to follow. The unfortunate thing there is that it could speed you through some of the mourning process if characters are in mourning. The good news? It may help characters showcase more of how they are feeling in the present, but you do still want to stop in and honor the past as well.

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