The Last Ship season 4 premiere: What do we need to see?

Last Ship season 4 premiereWith The Last Ship season 4 premiere coming on TNT Sunday, August 20, the timing feels right to start and examine it further. What do we think should happen in order to bring this show to the next level? We do know that this is one of the most-entertaining shows out there, and it’s one that will bring a near-relentless level of action and drama, so if we can get more of that, we will be happy campers.

When it comes to a series like The Last Ship, we do tend to keep the expectations high, because every season they have delivered more to us than they ever have before. With that in mind, we’re bringing you today some of our first suggestions for the season 4 premiere. (We know that there are technically two hours airing here on the same night, so we’re putting the majority of our focus in this article on the first one.)

1. Don’t rush Chandler back to the Nathan James – We know that Eric Dane is at the forefront of the series, and as a result of that, there could be this temptation to throw Chandler back with the remainder of the crew right away. We hope that doesn’t happen. Allow us a chance to get to know a little bit more of his new life in Greece, including some of the people that he’s now living with and also some of the struggles that he’s facing even beyond some sort of dilemma to join the team.

2. Give us a sense of the global scale – It’s been revealed via some promotional material that one of the main narrative pushes for the new season is going to be the virus being carried in the food supply and disrupting the distribution of crops all over the world as a result of that. Let us know how this crisis is impacting the entire world, including back in North America. The more global you make this show, the better off it is since it continually reminds you of how high the stakes are.

3. Give more to the supporting cast – No matter if you’re talking about Adam Baldwin or Jocko Sims or Bridget Regan, we want to see every person within the cast have some of their own journeys that are separate from the mission. Give us a chance to see more of what their lives were before the virus, or give us a chance to understand more of what they’d want to do in the event that everything was a little more normal.

4. Don’t rush anything – This comes back to the first point that we made in this article — you already have a fifth season of the show locked, and with that, there’s a certain degree of flexibility. Don’t be afraid to keep some things a secret for a long time given that there is no real reason to hurry.

What do you want to see on The Last Ship season 4, especially in the premiere event? Be sure to share in the comments below right now!

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